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What You Need To Know About PDF

!, Acrobat User Community: Tutorials.

Acro Software Inc.: CutePDF Writer (Freeware).

! Adobe:
Acrobat Help and Support.
Reduce PDF file size.

Adobe Acrobat.
Creating PDF forms (PDF file).
Adobe Reader X (10.0.1).
Adobe PDF 101 - Quick overview of PDF file format.
Convert or scan to PDF.
Creating electronic theses and dissertations with Adobe PDF portfolios (PDF file).
LiveCycle PDF Generator ES and Distiller Server (Product comparison).
Acrobat X Standard / FAQ.
PostScript vs. PDF A comparison of PS, EPS and PDF.
! Troubleshooting and Troubleshoot PDF printing - Acrobat, Reader.

Jacci Howard Bear, How Can I Get Text or Images Out of a PDF File?

Chip Online:
Downloads > Office & Geld > PDF-Tools (in German).
! Dateigröße eines PDF verringern, PDF komprimieren (by Rupert Mattgey, in German).

J. Clark (2005): Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility.

Compboard blog: PDF Dateien entschlüsseln und Passwort entfernen - kostenlose Programme (in German).

Compress PDF: Reduce your PDF size online for free.

Digital Inspiration (by Amit Agarwal):
! Adobe PDF Guide: How to Do Everything with PDF Files. See also:
How to Open Password Protected PDF Documents.
! Convert Scanned PDF Documents to Text with Google OCR.
"Create a folder in your website (say and upload all the PDF images to that folder. Now create a public web page that links to all the PDF files. Wait for the Google bots to spider your stuff. Once done, type the query " filetype:pdf" to see the PDF documents as HTML".

dmoz, the Open Directory Project:
Computers: Data Formats: Document: Publishing: PDF.
Computers: Data Formats: Document: Publishing: PDF: Software.
Computers: Data Formats: Document: Publishing: PDF: Software: Windows Tools and Drivers.
World: Deutsch: Computer: Datenformate: Dokumente: PDF (in German).

! Free Software Foundation Europe: Get a Free Software PDF reader!

Freiburg University Library, University of Freiburg: Publizieren im PDF-Format Online tutorial, in German.

The Guardian:
Researchers: it's time to ditch the PDF (by Ijad Madisch, 2015).

Guru´s Lair: Acrobat PDF and SVG Graphics Library. An annotated link directory.

Stefan Heinz: Free PDF 4 (in German).

Heise Online:
Office > PDF (in German). Rubrik best noted software.

Dick Hemenway, CMAC Accessibility Committee: Creating Accessible PDF Documents. Powerpint presentation.

Roger Hudson (2004): PDF and Accessibility. How to Compress PDF File to Send as an Attachment in Your Email.

Angus Johnson: PDFTK Builder and other PDF Resources for Windows. PDF freeware utilities.

Sean Keegan, High Tech Center Training Unit for the California Community Colleges: Integrating Accessibility into PDF Documents. Powerpoint presentation.

James Marshall, Creating and Editing PDF Files for Free.

Jakob Nielsen: Avoid PDF for On-Screen Reading and What is the PDF format good for?

! PDF24 (geek Software GmbH, Berlin, Germany): PDF24 offers a free online service to convert documents into PDF files. They also provide a free software for converting documents from almost any application into PDF. Free PDF Tools.

! PlotSoft L.L.C.: PDFill. See the advantages of the completely free PDF creator. Excellent! See also here (in German). PDF. Go to:
! PDF troubleshooter.

Socrtwo´s Site: Free PDF. Links to free methods and freeware applications for creating PDF documents in windows.

! Dave Touretzky: Gallery of Adobe Remedies. This web site publishes information about Adobe´s access control mechanisms and the remedies people have devised to deal with them. Including directories of links for removing PDF security and PDF password tools. PDF embedded in HTML (in German). How to Reduce PDF File Size. How to reduce the file size of a PDF document using, Preview on Mac, or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Adobe Acrobat.
Portable Document Format (PDF).
Kategorie:PDF (in German).

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