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Palaeobotany in the Media

ABC Science:
See the search results for "Palaeobotany".

BBC News:
Rare fossils in India threatened (by Salman Ravi, July 25, 2008).
Giant fossil rainforest unearthed (April 24, 2007).
See also the search results for "Palaeobotanist" and "Palaeobotany".

The University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, CA:
! Posts tagged "paleobotany".

Botanical Society of America:
! Botanical Society of America RSS Feeds and News and Communications Center. See also:
Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America, ! News from the Section. A page for gossip, news, meetings and job notices for the paleobotanical community.

! Jamie Boyer,, New York Botanical Garden: Paleobotany and Plant Evolution. A posting of the latest and most interesting articles related to the evolution of plants, algae, and early earth environments.

Search for "paleobotanist".

! Richard Cowen, UC Davis Department of Geology: Paleontology in the News.

86. World´s First Trees Unearthed (by Jill U. Adams, January 15, 2008).
Search results for "Paleobotanist" and "Palaeobotany".

Discovery News:
Search results: Paleobotany.

EurekAlert (operated by AAAS, the science society): EurekAlert features news and resources focused on all areas of science, medicine and technology.
Evidence is weak for tropical rainforest 65 million years ago in Africa´s low-latitudes (by Margaret Allen, October 21, 2010).
! Search results for "Paleobotanist" and "Palaeobotany". Paleobotany. Scroll down to: "Related articles from newspapers, magazines, and more".

Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ), a German Nespaper:
See the search results for "Paläobotanik". (articles in German, with costs). KU-led scientific team departs for Antarctic research expedition (November 12, 2014).
This expired link is available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

GeoHorizon (in German).
Kategorie: Paläobotanik.

Google News U.K.
! Search results for "Palaeobotanist" and "Palaeobotany".
Google News U.S.
! Search results for "Paleobotanist" and "Paleobotany".
Google News Australia
! Search results for "Palaeobotanist" and "Palaeobotany".
Google News Germany (in German).
! Search results for "Paläobotaniker" and "Paläobotanik".
Google actualites France (in French).
! Search results for "Paléobotaniste" and "Paléobotanique".

The Guardian, UK (Guardian Unlimited):
Trees of knowledge (by Tim Radford, November 23, 2005).
Search results for "Palaeobotany". (a collaboration of the School of Information and Library Science and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):
International News Archives on the WebNewspaper. These pages provide links to non-US news archives available on the Web.
U.S. News Archives on the Web. Link directory to United States news archives.

The Hindu, India´s National Newspaper:
Scientists find palm fossils in Ladakh (March 27, 2007).
See also the search results for "Palaeobotany".

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw), Bayreuth, Germany: The web window into ongoing research at German Universities. Go to: Simple Search. You may also search for
! Palaeobotany,
Botany, and
(in German). But search procedure needs some seconds. Excellent!

The International Organisation of Palaeobotany (IOP): ! IOP Newsletter Archive (PDF files). The IOP Newsletter is the chief information dissemination vehicle for the membership of the International Organisation of Palaeobotany. Older issues are still available from here.

National Geographic:
The Big Bloom (by Michael Klesius, July 2002).
Search results for "Paleobotany".

The New York Times:
An Underground Fossil Forest Offers Clues on Climate Change. (May 01, 2012).
A Fossil Hunt in Ethiopia´s Mush Valley. (by B.F. Jacobs, December 29, 2010).

ORF Online, Österreichischer Rundfunk, Wien (in German):
Waren Blumen ursprünglich Wasserpflanzen?
Search results for "Paläobotanik" (in German).

Österreichische Geologische Gesellschaft: Erdwissenschaften in der Presse. News about Geoscience in Austria (in German).

The Palaeontological Association:
ThePalAss Tweets.

! (?): Paleobotany and Plant Evolution. A posting of the latest and most interesting articles related to the evolution of plants, algae, and early earth environments.

Palynology blog. (in German, sponsored by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung):
Search results for "fossil".

San Francisco Chronicle:
Search results for "Paleobotanist" and "Palaeobotany".

Science News (maintained by Michael Imbeault):
What was that? Unraveling a 400-million-year-old mystery (February 10, 2010).
! Search results for "Paleobotanist" and "Palaeobotany". See also:
! Botany News

Terra Daily. News about planet Earth.
Reweaving The Food Web (August 28, 2006).
Search results for "Paleobotany".

The Washington Post (free access, registration procedure required):
Search results for "Paleobotany" (free preview 1987-Current, articles with cost).

Die Welt (a German newspaper):
Saurier-Skelett in Chemnitzer Tropenwald entdeckt (November 03, 2010; in German).
In Deutschland gab es einst Palmen und Kolibris (by W. Böhm, February 29, 2009; in German).
Search results for "Paläobotaniker" and "Paläobotanik" (in German).

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Wikipedia:List of online newspaper archives.
Blogs about: Paleobotany.

You Tube:
Search results for "paleobotanist" and "paleobotany".

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