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The 8th Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 8th Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Cardiff, Wales, 15-16th November 1997

[*] CHALONER, W.: John Lindley and plant taphonomy in the 1830s

[*] CHANNING, A.: Hot springs, plants, and taphonomy

[*] EDWARDS, D. & WANG, Y.: Pinnatiramosus: Is this the earliest vascular plant?

[*] FALCON-LANG, H.: Fire ecology of the Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada

[*] FARRIS, M.: Palynomorph taphonomy in Triassic red-bed sequences: Sedimentary facies, sampling, and diagenetic controls

[*] FRANCIS, J.: Eocene fossil plants from sub-glacial outcrops, Antarctica

[*] GRÖCKE, D.: Carbon- and nitrogen-isotope ratios in fossil plants: Environmentally or globally controlled?

[*] HABGOOD, K.: The occurrence of land plant spores in Lower Palaeozoic coprolites

[*] HOFMANN, C.-C. & ZETTER, R.: Palynofacies and palynology of carbonaceous to coal-bearing sediments of Badersdorf, Austria

[*] HUBER, W. & FERGUSON, D.K.: The significance of wear and tear in fruits and seeds

[*] JONES, T. et al.: Strontium isotopes and Miocene browncoals

[*] KÜRSCHNER. W.M. & WAGNER, F.: Taphonomic aspects of palaeoatmospheric CO2 reconstructions by means of stomata analysis

[*] MARTINETTO, E.: Progress on fruit and seed research, as presented at Liège 1993

[*] NGUYEN TU, T.T. et al.: Bulk and molecular preservation of the isotopic signal in Cenomanian terrestrial plants

[*] TITCHENER, F.: The preservation of mines and arthropod traces on simulated autochthonous leaves in a lacustrine deposit

[*] Van KONIJNENBURG-Van CITTERT, J.H.A.: An example from the Lower Liassic of Germany of fossilization after transport over only a short distance.

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