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An annotated collection of pointers to information on palaeobotany
or to WWW resources which may be of use to palaeobotanists (with an Upper Triassic bias).

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History of Palaeobotany
Renowned Palaeobotanists, Progress in Palaeobotany ...
Teaching Documents
Palaeobotany, Palaeontology, Palaeoecology, Field Trip Guides ...
Fossil and Recent Plant Taxa
Sphenophyta, Cycads, Bennettitales, Coniferophyta ...
Preservation & Taphonomy
Plant Taphonomy, Cuticles, Amber, Log Jams ...
Palaeobotanical Tools
Preparation & Conservation, Drawing, Writing,
Microscopy, TEM, Photography, Microtomography ...
Institutions & Organisations
Palaeobotanists Personal Pages, Nat. Hist. Museums,
Palaeobot. Collections, Internat. Palaeo Institutions ...
Conferences & List Server
Conferences, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups ...

Articles in Palaeobotany
Plant Evolution, What is Palaeobotany? Jurassic Palaeobotany ...
Plant Anatomy & Taxonomy
Plant Classification, Chemotaxonomy, Phylogeography, Cladistic Methods ...
Palynological Associations, Acritarchs, Dinoflagellates, Palynofacies ...
Ecology & Palaeoenvironment
Stress Conditions, Palaeoenvironment, Ecosystem Recovery,
Palaeosoils, Plant Roots, Playa Lakes, Animal-Plant Interaction ...
Charcoal & Coal Petrology
Fossil charcoal, Fire Ecology, Coal Petrology, Coalification ...
Stomatal Density, Rise of Oxygen, Pre-Neogene Growth Rings ...
Evolution & Extinction
Evolution Sciences vs Creationism, Insect Evo, P-Tr Extinction ...
Selected Geology
Geological Timescale, Palaeogeography, Sedimentology, Gaia Hypothesis ...
Palaeontological Software, Software of all topics ...
All about Upper Triassic
Triassic Palaeobotany, Tr. Palynology, Tr. Climate,
Triassic Stratigraphy, The European Keuper ...
Literature Search
Journals, Bibliographies, Abstracts, Books ...
Databases and Glossaries
Encyclopedias, Unit Converter, What´s New ...
Images of Plant Fossils
Fossil Plants, Reconstructions, Plant Photographs ...
Job & Experience
Labor Market, Grants, Field Camps, Internships ...
S.-Engines, Botany Search etc. Plagiarism S.
Palaeobotanical Directories, Palaeont. D., Bot. D. ...,

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What´s New on Links for Palaeobotanists?

! D. Bailey (2014), FORCE Biostratigraphy Seminar: New observations on Mesozoic miospores and acritarchs, and the implications for existing taxonomy, classification and phylogeny. in PDF.

E.E. Levi et al. (2014): Similarity between contemporary vegetation and plant remains in the surface sediment in Mediterranean lakes. In PDF, Freshwater Biology, 59: 724-736.

S. Riehl et al. (2014): Plant use and local vegetation patterns during the second half of the Late Pleistocene in southwestern Germany. In PDF, Archaeol. Anthropol. Sci.

E. Levetin and K. McMahon: Plants and Society, Fifth Edition. See also here. Go to:
2. Introduction to Plant Life: Botanical Principles.
! Plant Systematics and Evolution. In PDF.
For other chapters navigate from here.

A. Fijalkowska-Mader (2015): A record of climatic changes in the Triassic palynological spectra from Poland. In PDF, Geological Quarterly, 59.

N. Bakkalbasi et al. (2006): Three options for citation tracking: Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science. In PDF, Biomedical Digital Libraries. See also here.

Mamont. One of the largest FTP search engines.

dmoz: ftp search engines.

Global FTP Search Engine.

Metabear. ftp search.

E. Vassio et al. (2008): Wood anatomy of the Glyptostrobus europaeus "whole-plant" from a Pliocene fossil forest of Italy. Abstract.

Central European University, Budapest, Homepages of students: World Wetlands Day 2004, Wetlands Types and Classifications.

B.A. Middleton (ed, 2012): Global Change and the Function and Distribution of Wetlands. Table of contents.

Irish Peatland Conservation Council: Peatland around the World. A virtual trip, sorted by continent and countries. Website saved by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Federal Geographic Data Committee (2013): Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States. In PDF, adapted from Cowardin, Carter, Golet and LaRoe (1979).

American Meteorological Society (website supported by the National Science Foundation): Water in the Earth System Learning Files.

! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Wetland classification.

! T.W. Lyons et al. (2014): The rise of oxygen in Earth’s early ocean and atmosphere. In PDF, Nature, 506. See also here (abstract and references).

A. Bekker et al. (2004): Dating the rise of atmospheric oxygen. PDF file, Nature, 427: 117-120. "Several lines of geological and geochemical evidence indicate that the level of atmospheric oxygen was extremely low before 2.45 billion years (Gyr) ago, and that it had reached considerable levels by 2.22 Gyr ago. (...) evidence that the rise of atmospheric oxygen had occurred by 2.32 Gyr ago". See also here. (abstract).

American Museum of Natural History, Learning Resources: The Rise of Oxygen. This website is part of Science Bulletins, an innovative online and exhibition program that offers the public a window into the excitement of scientific discovery. See also:
Search results: "oxygen".

P.G. Falkowski et al. (2005): The rise of oxygen over the past 205 million years and the evolution of large placental mammals. PDF file, Science, 309. See also here (abstract). The overall increase in oxygen as a critical factor in the evolution, radiation, and subsequent increase in average size of placental mammals.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: evolution of the atmosphere. Website saved by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

S. Varela et al. (2015): paleobioDB: an R package for downloading, visualizing and processing data from the Paleobiology Database. In PDF, Ecography, 38: 419-425.

G.E. Mustoe (2007): Coevolution of cycads and dinosaurs. Cycad Newsletter.

Stephen T. Hasiotis, Department of Geology, University of Kansas: KU Ichnology. Studying the Traces of Life. This website presents information on the basic principles of ichnology, a photo and video gallery of trace fossils, and a bibliography with access to some published articles for those with interests in specific topics. See especially:
! Introduction to Ichnology.
! Glossary of Ichnology Terms.
Ichnology Links.

S. Mueller et al. (2015): Climate variability during the Carnian Pluvial Phase - A quantitative palynological study of the Carnian sedimentary succession at Lunz am See, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria. In PDF, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

Q. Wang and K.-S. Mao (2015): Puzzling rocks and complicated clocks: how to optimize molecular dating approaches in historical phytogeography. In PDF, New Phytologist. See also here. (abstract).

! P. Wilf and I.H. Escapa (2015): Green Web or megabiased clock? Plant fossils from Gondwanan Patagonia speak on evolutionary radiations. In PDF, New Phytologist, 207: 283-290.

G.H. Bachmann and M.A.M. Aref (2005): A seismite in Triassic gypsum deposits (Grabfeld Formation, Ladinian), southwestern Germany. In PDF, Sedimentary Geology.

A. Ruffell et al. (2015): The Carnian Humid Episode of the late Triassic: A Review. In PDF, Geological Magazine. See also here (abstract).

! M. Krings and H. Kerp (1997): An improved method for obtaining large pteridosperm cuticles. In PDF, Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology.

O.R. Green: Extraction Techniques for Palaeobotanical and Palynological Material. Abstract, pp 256-287. A Manual of Practical Laboratory and Field Techniques in Palaeobiology.

! J. Jansonius and D.C. McGregor (1996): Introduction, Palynology: Principles and Applications. AASP Foundation. v. 1, pp 1-10: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE p.1-2. The history of palynology. Website saved by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

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