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Charcoal & Coal Petrology
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H. Schneider et al. (2016): Burmese amber fossils bridge the gap in the Cretaceous record of polypod ferns. In PDF, Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 18: 70–78. See also here (abstract).

N.P. Maslova et al. (2016): Phytopathology in fossil plants: New data, questions of classification. In PDF, Paleontological Journal, 50: 202–208.

D.R. Bridgland et al. (2014): Rivers through geological time: the fluvial contribution to understanding of our planet. Proceedings of the Geologists´ Association, 125: 503-510. See also here.

! A.D. Miall (1977): A review of the braided-river depositional environment. Abstract, Earth-Science Reviews, 13: 1-62. See also here (in PDF).

G.W. Stull et al. (2013): The "Seeds" on Padgettia readi are Insect Galls: Reassignment of the Plant to Odontopteris, the Gall to Ovofoligallites N. Gen., and the Evolutionary Implications Thereof. In PDF,A review of the braided-river depositional environment Journal of Paleontology, 87: 217-231.

! European Commission: European Atlas of Forest Tree Species. Scientists and forestry professionals have contributed in the many stages of the production of this atlas, through the collection of ground data on the location of tree species, elaboration of the distribution and suitability maps, production of the photographic material and compilation of the different chapters. Excellent!
! Don´t miss the Atlas Download Page. Plenty of downloadable PDFs, e.g. about Past forests of Europe, an ecological overview, about forest classifications and European forest tree species.

Jacqueline S. McLaughlin and Stam M. Zervanos, Pennsylvania State University: Biodiversity of World Biomes. Powerpoint presentation.
This expired link is now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

W.A. DiMichele and R.M. Bateman (2005): Evolution of Land Plant Diversity: Major Innovations and Lineages through Time. In PDF, In: Krupnick, G.A. & Kress, W.J. (eds): Plant Conservation. A Natural History Approach. Chicago University Press, Chicago, IL, 3–14.

H.J.B. Birks and W. Tinner (2016): Past forests of Europe. In PDF, European Atlas of Forest Tree Species.

W.A. DiMichele et al. (2017): Plant Fossils from the Pennsylvanian–Permian Transition in Western Pangea, Abo Pass, New Mexico. In PDF, Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, 99.

! S.M. Awramik (2006): Respect for stromatolites. In PDF, Nature, 441.

Mirrorlessons (by Heather Broster and Mathieu Gasquet): Using Focus Bracketing on the Olympus OM-D E-M10 II.

NASA: Global Change Master Directory List of Earth Science Acronyms, Glossaries and Gazetteers.
A web directory that contain helpful acronyms used throughout the Earth Science (and other) communities, glossaries of Earth Science terms, and gazetteers of geographic location names.
This expired link is now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Cambridge in Colour (by Sean McHugh). Focus Stacking & Depth of Field.

B.A. Solagberu (2004): How to present a paper at a scientific meeting (in PDF). Scheimpflug war gestern, Olympus Focus Bracketing ist heute (in German). About Fokus Bracketing (with Olympus E-M10 Mark II).

G.D. Gopen and J.A. Swan (originally published in the November-December 1990 issue of American Scientist): The Science of Scientific Writing. In PDF.

naturalSCIENCE: Quotations. A short dictionary of scientific quotations.
A version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! J. Beat et al. (2002): Scientific Writing - Easy when you know how. In PDF, BMJ Publishing Group, London.

C. Álvarez-Vázquez and R.H. Wagner (2017): A revision of Annularia and Asterophyllites species from the lower Westphalian (Middle Pennsylvanian) of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Abstract, Atlantic Geology, 53: 17-62. See also here (in PDF).

Y.D. Sun et al. (2016): Climate warming, euxinia and carbon isotope perturbations during the Carnian (Triassic) Crisis in South China. Abstract, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 444: 88–100. See also here (in PDF).

B.A. Thomas and C.J. Cleal (2015): Cyclones and the formation of plant beds in late Carboniferous tropical swamps. Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, 95: 531–536. See also here (in PDF).

O.J.W. Wakefield et al. (2015): Architectural analysis of a Triassic fluvial system: The Sherwood Sandstone of the East Midlands Shelf, UK. Abstract, Sedimentary Geology, 327: 1–13. See also here (in PDF).

! J.-W. Zhang et al. 2010): A new species of Leptocycas (Zamiaceae) from the Upper Triassic sediments of Liaoning Province, China. Abstract, Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 48: 286–301. See also here (in PDF).
See fig. 9: Reconstruction of Leptocycas yangcaogouensis, resembling like that of Dioon edule.

! M. Bardet and A. Pournou (2017): NMR Studies of Fossilized Wood. Abstract, Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy, 90: 41–83. See also here (Google books).

B. Cavalazzi et a. (2014): The Formation of Low-Temperature Sedimentary Pyrite and Its Relationship with Biologically-Induced Processes. Abstract, Geology of Ore Deposits, 56: 395–408. See also here (in PDF).

R. Heady (2012): The Wollemi Pine - 16 years on. In PDF, Chapter 15: Australia´s Ever-changing Forests VI: Proceedings of the Eighth National Conference on Australian Forest History. Brett J. Stubbs et al. (eds.).

T.T. Kozlowski (ed.), 1973: Shedding of Plants Parts. Abstracts. See also here (Google books).

J. Kleinteich et al. (2017): Cyanobacterial Contribution to Travertine Deposition in the Hoyoux River System, Belgium. Abstract, Microbial Ecology. See also here (in PDF).

M. Steinthorsdottir et al. (2015): Evidence for insect and annelid activity across the Triassic-Jurassic transition of east Greenland. Abstract, Palaios, 30: 597-607. See also here (in PDF).

! W. Testo and M. Sundue (2016): A 4000-species dataset provides new insight into the evolution of ferns. Abstract, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 105: 200–211. See also here (in PDF).

L. Santasalo (2013): The Jurassic extinction events and its relation to CO2 levels in the atmosphere: a case study on Early Jurassic fossil leaves. In PDF, Bachelor´s thesis, Department of Geology, Lund University, Sweden.

! S.A. Smith and M.J. Donoghue (2008): History in Flowering Plants Rates of Molecular Evolution Are Linked to Life. In PDF, Science, 322. See also here (abstract).

! M.F. Miller et al. (2016): Highly productive polar forests from the Permian of Antarctica. Abstract, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 441: 292–304. See also here (in PDF).

The Huffington Post (an American news website):
Texas Is Considering A Bill That Could Let Science Instructors Teach Creationism. (by Antonia Blumberg, March 17, 2017).

P.D. Mannion et al. (2014): The latitudinal biodiversity gradient through deep time. In PDF, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 29: 42–50. See also here.

The Independent, U.K.:
US states consider laws allowing Creationism to be taught by science teachers (by Tom Embury-Dennis, March 2017).

D. Silvestro et al. (2016): Fossil biogeography: a new model to infer dispersal, extinction and sampling from palaeontological data. In PDF, Phil. Trans. R. Soc., B, 371. See also here.

E. Kustatscher et al. (2016): The Krasser collection in the Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague: New insights into the Middle Jurassic flora of Sardinia. In PDF, Fossil Imprint, 72: 140-154. See also here.

M.A. Urban (2016): Cuticle and subsurface ornamentation of intact plant leaf epidermis under confocal and superresolution microscopy. Abstract, Microscopy Research Technique. See also here (in PDF).

D.M. Smith and J.D. Marcot (2015): The fossil record and macroevolutionary history of the beetles. Proc. R. Soc., B, 282. See also here (in PDF).

P.W. Signor and J.H. Lipps (1982): Sampling bias, gradual extinction patterns and catastrophes in the fossil record. Abstract, GSA Special Papers, 190: 291-296. See also here (in PDF).

A. Raymond and C. Metz (1995): Laurussian land-plant diversity during the Silurian and Devonian: mass extinction, sampling bias, or both? Abstrfact, Paleobiology, 21.

Paul A. Barber and Philip J. Keane (2007): A novel method of illustrating microfungi. PDF file, Fungal Diversity, 27: 1-10.
Snapshot archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) / Fire Ecology Research Group, Missoula, Montana: Preliminary Bibliography.
This expired link is available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.
The GFMC provides the bibliography index of literature on fire and related disciplines and studies (by J.G. Goldammer, H. Page and V.V. Furyaev). These lists are taken from monographs and other publications prepared by the Fire Ecology Research Group over the last years.

Charles Daghlian (Dartmouth College, Hannover, NH) and Jennifer Svitko, Paleobotanical Holdings at the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium at Cornell University: Paleoclusia 3D Reconstructions. Movies from CT scans done on the Turonian fossils. See also here (W.L. Crepet and K.C. Nixon 1998, abstract and photos).
These expired links are available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Nuno Moreno et al. (2006): Imaging Plant Cells. PDF file, Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy, third edition, edited by James B. Pawley.
A version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Volker Schardin: Extensions/Suffixes (in German). Index to the most used extensions.
This expired link is available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Shu-zhong Shen et al. (2011): Calibrating the End-Permian Mass Extinction. In PDF, Science, 334.
Snapshot provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.
See also here (abstract).

Optronics: Rincon. An image measurement and processing software. Rincon can combine a stack of images captured at different levels of focus and combine them into a single in-focus image.
Snapshot provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! A.S. Chanderbali et al. (2016): Evolving Ideas on the Origin and Evolution of Flowers: New Perspectives in the Genomic Era. In PDF, Genetics, 202: 1255–1265. See also here.

A.D. Muscente et al. (2015): Fossil preservation through phosphatization and silicification in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation (South China): a comparative synthesis. Abstract, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 434: 46–62. See also here (in PDF).

M. Bardet and A. Pournou (2017): Chapter Two - NMR Studies of Fossilized Wood. Abstract, Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy, 90: 41–83.

Lawrence Journal World, Obituaries: Thomas N. Taylor.
See also here (the University of Kansas news service).

! C.S.P. Foster (2016): The evolutionary history of flowering plants. In PDF, Journal & Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 149: 65-82.

! PSD Stack, (this blog is run by Bunty Pundir, New Delhi, India). Photoshop tutorials and design resources.

D.E. Lozano-Carmona and M.P. Velasco-de León (2016): Jurassic flora in Southeast Mexico: importance and prospects of recent findings in the Mixteco Terrane. In PDF, Paleontología Mexicana, 5: 87-101. See also here (abstract).

F. Ricardi-Branco et al. (2009): Plant accumulations along the Itanhaém River basin, southern coast of São Paulo state, Brazil. In PDF, Palaios, 24: 416–424. See also here (abstract).

! N. Zavialova and E. Karasev (2016): The use of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to reconstruct the ultrastructure of sporoderm. In PDF, Palynology. See also here (abstract).

D.S. Gernandt et al. (2016): Phylogenetics of extant and fossil Pinaceae: methods for increasing topological stability. Abstract, Botany, 94: 863-884. See also here (in PDF).

! National Center for Science Education (NCSE), Oakland, CA.
NCSE is a US-nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out. NCSE defends the integrity of science education against ideological interference. This website provides reviews of current anti-evolution activity in the United States and around the world and detailed information on the Creation/Evolution controversy from 1859 to the present. Go to:
! Evolution. The National Center for Science Education is the only national organization devoted to defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. See especially:
Antievolution bill in Arkansas (by Glenn Branch, March 06, 2017).
New science standards in Louisiana (by Glenn Branch, March 08, 2017).

C. Pott et al. (2016): Bennettitales in the Rhaetian flora of Wüstenwelsberg, Bavaria, Germany. Abstract, Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 232: 98–118. See also here (in PDF).

G. Mackenzie et al. (2015): Sporopollenin, the least known yet toughest natural biopolymer. Frontiers in Materials, 2.

Terra Nova (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).
Terra Nova publishes short, innovative and provocative papers of interest to a wide readership and covering the broadest spectrum of the Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences.

B. Latour (2016): Why Gaia is not a God of Totality. Abstract, Theory, Culture & Society. See also: How to make sure Gaia is not a God of Totality?. In PDF.

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