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Palaeosoils, Plant Roots, Playa Lakes, Animal-Plant Interaction ...
Charcoal & Coal Petrology
Fossil charcoal, Fire Ecology, Coal Petrology, Coalification ...
Stomatal Density, Rise of Oxygen, Pre-Neogene Growth Rings ...
Evolution & Extinction
Evolution Sciences vs Creationism, Insect Evo, P-Tr Extinction ...
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Alan Logan, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.: Triassic Period.
Please note the map "Pangea: Early Triassic Period". With indicated cold and warm water currents.

! A. Förster et al. (2010): Reservoir characterization of a CO2 storage aquifer: The Upper Triassic Stuttgart Formation in the Northeast German Basin. In PDF, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 27: 2156-2172.
Note Fig. 3: Facies map of the Stuttgart Formation in northeastern Germany.

! S. Wallace et al. (2011): Evolutionary development of the plant spore and pollen wall. Open access, AoB PLANTS, 2011, plr027.

Times Online, UK (The best of The Times and The Sunday Times):
Rabbis attack schools’ "lie" about Earth’s age (by Gabriel Pogrund, February 18, 2018).

H.J. Falcon-Lang et al. (2015): Walchian charcoalified wood from the early Permian Community Pit Formation in Prehistoric Trackways National Monument, New Mexico, U.S.A., and its palaeoecological implications. N. M. Mus. Nat. Hist. Sci. Bull. 65, 115–121.

E.R. Locatelli et al. (2016): Taphonomic variance between marattialean ferns and medullosan seed ferns in the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstätte, Illinois, USA. Abstract, Palaios, 31: 97-110.

Cindy V. Looy (2013): Natural history of a plant trait: branch-system abscission in Paleozoic conifers and its environmental, autecological, and ecosystem implications in a fire-prone world no access. Abstract, Paleobiology, 39: 235-252. See also here (in PDF).

R.-Y. Fan and Y.-M. Gong (2017): Recent progress and focuses of ichnology: Outline of the 14th International Ichnofabric Workshop. Open access, Journal of Palaeogeography, 6: 359-369.

GoGraph: GoGraph offers flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage at low prices. Go to: Paleobotany Stock Illustrations - Royalty Free.
See also: Paleobotany Stock Photos.

J.J. Collins and K. Lindstrom, University of California Museum of Paleontology: Getting Into the Fossil Record. Easy to understand websites.

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.: Scientific stock photography library. Light microscope pictures and electron microscopy images featuring science and biomedical microscopy photos. Go to Algae.

Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD). A service of USRA, sponsored by NASA Goddard. EPOD will collect and archive photos, imagery, graphics, and artwork with short explanatory captions and links exemplifying features within the Earth system. Browse EPODs by Related Fields, such as Coccolithophore bloom in the Celtic Sea.
These expired links are now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! T.J. Brodribb et al. (2016): Xylem and stomata, coordinated through time and space. Abstract, Plant Cell and Environment, 40: 872–880. See also here (in PDF).

M. Geluk et al. (2018): An introduction to the Triassic: current insights into the regional setting and energy resource potential of NW Europe. Abstract, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 469.

! J.P. Benca et al. (2018): UV-B-induced forest sterility: Implications of ozone shield failure in Earth´s largest extinction. In PDF, Sci. Adv., 4: e1700618. See also here and there:
"Increased UV from ozone depletion sterilizes trees", by Robert Sanders, Berkeley News.

S.M. Slater et al. (2018): An introduction to Jurassic biodiversity and terrestrial environments. Editorial, Palaeobio. Palaeoenv.

Q. Fu et al. (2017): Nanjinganthus: An Unexpected Flower from the Jurassic of China. In PDF, bioRxiv (pronounced "bio-archive"). See also here.

L. Lu et al. (2018): Evolutionary history of the angiosperm flora of China. Abstract, Nature, 554: 234–238.
A dated phylogeny and spatial distribution data for angiosperms show that eastern China has tended to act as a refugium for older taxa whereas western China has acted as a centre for their evolutionary diversification.

! C.C. Labandeira (2014): Table 1. The twenty-five most significant amber deposits and their evolutionary phases. In PDF. In chronological order, from youngest (top) to oldest (bottom). From:
"Amber". Pp. 163-215 in Reading and Writing of the Fossil Record: Preservational Pathways to Exceptional Fossilization: Presented as a Paleontological Society Short Course at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Vancouver, British Columbia, October 18, 2014 (LaFlamme, M., Schiffbauer, J. D. and Darroch, S. A. F.). Paleontological Society.

J. Dodick and N. Orion (2006): Building an understanding of geological time: A cognitive synthesis of the "macro" and "micro" scales of time. PDF file, in C. Manduca and D. Mogk, eds., Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn about the Earth: Geological Society of America, p. 77-94.

J. Cassara (2003), Department of Geology, University of Maryland: Taphonomic biases on the preservation of within-community seed size distributions. In PDF.
See for instance: "Potential Taphonomic Filters", starting on PDF page 5.

X. Wang et al. (2018): Editorial: Evolution of Reproductive Organs in Land Plants. Open access, Front. Plant Sci., 9.

V.A. Krassilov and A.P. Rasnitsyn (2008): Plant-arthropod interactions in the early angiosperm history: evidence from the Cretaceous of Israel. PDF file, 222 p., (Pensoft Publishers & Brill Academic Publishers), Sofia, Moscow.

A. Bartiromo (2012): The cuticle micromorphology of extant and fossil plants as indicator of environmental conditions: A pioneer study on the influence of volcanic gases on the cuticle structure in extant plants. Dissertation, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon.

B. Saladin et al. (2016): Fossils matter: improved estimates of divergence times in Pinus reveal older diversification. Open Access, BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Betsy Chesnutt,, Middle School Physical Science: Tutoring Solution / Science Courses: What is Paleobotany? - Definition & Importance.

M. Steinthorsdottir and V. Vajda (2013): Early Jurassic (late Pliensbachian) CO2 concentrations based on stomatal analysis of fossil conifer leaves from eastern Australia. In PDF, Gondwana Research.

Jamie Boyer,, New York Botanical Garden: Paleobotany and Plant Evolution. A posting of the latest and most interesting articles related to the evolution of plants, algae, and early earth environments.

! S.C. Gnaedinger et al. (2014): Endophytic oviposition on leaves from the Late Triassic of northern Chile: Ichnotaxonomic, palaeobiogeographic and palaeoenvironment considerations. In PDF, Geobios, 47: 221–236.
! Worth checking out: Supplementary materials.
See also here (abstract).

RealClimate (a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists).
! See especially: Paleoclimate.
! Don´t miss to search e.g. for "Triassic".
Visit the link directory Paleo-data and Paleo Reconstructions (including code).

! Jack Milgram, 6 Signs of Credible Sources: Do Unreliable Websites Sabotage Your Research?
Using "" or "" to get academic information in your Google search.

Wired 2000 Corporation Inc.: Submit Corner. This website was developed with the goal of helping people optimize their rankings to the top of search engines. All about the techniques, tips, indexing strategies and gain the competitive edge you need in e-business.

J. Paul et al. (2008): Provenance of siliciclastic sediments (Permian to Jurassic) in the Central European Basin. In PDF, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 159: 641–650. See also here (abstract).
Note fig. 4: Keuper palaeogeography (Upper Triassic, Ladinian–Rhaetian) in Central Europe and basement provinces of neighbouring areas.

B. Niebuhr and M. Wilmsen (2016): 16. Ichnofossilien. PDF file, in German. Geologica Saxonica, 62.

! W.T. Summers et al. (2011): Synthesis of Knowledge: Fire History and Climate Change. Abstract.
See also here. In PDF, slow download. Table of contents on PDF page 5.
Worth checking out:
Chapter 5 (PDF page 57): Change, Variability, Pattern and Scale.
Pattern and Scale in Fire History (PDF page 57).

M.K.A. Smith et al. (2015): Mesozoic Diversity of Osmundaceae: Osmundacaulis whittlesii sp. nov. in the Early Cretaceous of Western Canada. Abstract, Journal of Plant Sciences, 176: 245-258. See also here (in PDF).

I.G. Kenyon, Earth Science Teachers´ Association (ESTA): Background reading for Geologists. Book recommendations, Powerpoint presentation. (The Telegraph Media Group):
Darwin, spot the monkey (by G.S. Mudur and Basant Kumar Mohanty, January 21, 2018).

G.W. Rothwell and T. Ohana (2016): Stockeystrobus gen. nov. (Cupressaceae), and the evolutionary diversification of sequoioid conifer seed cones. Abstract, Botany, 94: 847-861. See also here (in PDF).

D. dos Santos Cardoso et al. (2018): Wildfires in the Triassic of Gondwana Paraná Basin. Abstract, Journal of South American Earth Sciences. See also here.

P.F. Hoffman et al. (2017): Snowball Earth climate dynamics and Cryogenian geology-geobiology. In PDF, Science Advances, 3. See also here.

C. Heunisch and H.G. Röhling (2016): Early Triassic phytoplankton episodes in the Lower and Middle BuJournal of South American Earth Sciencesntsandstein of the Central European Basin. Abstract, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 167. See also here (in PDF).

! The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations: Industrial charcoal making: Chapter 2. Wood carbonisation and the products it yields.
"... Carbonisation is a particular form of that process in chemical technology called pyrolysis that is the breakdown of complex substances into simpler ones by heating. ..."
! Worth checking out: 2.5 The stages in charcoal formation.

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