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Evolution Sciences versus Doctrines of Creationism and Intelligent Design

! AG EvoBio, Germany. Evolution in Biology, Culture and Society (in German). See especially: The annotated link directories Publications and Videos. Excellent! Also worth checking out:
! EvoBioBlog (by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evolution in Biologie, Kultur und Gesellschaft, in German).

! B. Alberts and J.B. Labov (2017): From the National Academies: Teaching the Science of Evolution. Free access, Cell Biology Education, 3: 75-80.

Andrew Alden, Against Creationism. Arguments and armaments against the antiscientific doctrines of creationism, "intelligent design" and their siblings. Guide picks.

Are evolution and religion compatible? In the UK, Muslim biology students have walked out of lectures on (Decemb 2011). Snapshot taken by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Warren D. Allmon, Paleontological Research Institution, (Museum of the Earth), Ithaca NY: Evolution and Creationism: A Guide for Museum Docents. PDF file, version 2.0; August 18, 2005.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
AAAS is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people. Go to:
! AAAS Responds to Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Controversy.
AAAS Board Resolution on Intelligent Design Theory.

The American Chronicle, Beverly Hills, CA:
The New Creation Museum: A $25,000,000 Monument to Stupidity (by Steve Shives, June 6, 2007). Provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

American Geosciences Institute (AGI):
! Geoscience Policy: Political Challenges to the Teaching of Evolution (05-08-12). Details of how evolution is being challenged in classrooms, school districts and state legislatures across the USA.
American Geological Institute Position on Teaching Evolution. At its meeting in January 2000, the Executive Committee of the AGI reaffirmed the Institute's 1981 position statement on the importance of teaching evolution and opposition to the teaching of creationism as science.

! American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS): Evolution: Science and Belief - Intelligent Design? (reprinted from Natural History magazine, the voice of The American Museum of Natural History). Three proponents of Intelligent Design (ID) present their views of design in the natural world. Each view is immediately followed by a response from a proponent of evolution (EVO). See also:
Issues in Evolution.
These expired links are now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

The American Museum of Natural History, New York: Darwin. November 19, 2005 - May 29, 2006. The most in-depth exhibition ever mounted on Charles Darwin, the highly original thinker, botanist, geologist, and naturalist, and his theory of evolution. See also here (C. Driessen, Kölnische Rundschau, November 18, 2005; in German).

American Scientist Online:
Defending Darwinism (by Richard Bellon, February 2007). Book review of "Darwinism and Its Discontents", by Michael Ruse, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Have We Solved Darwin's Dilemma? (by Massimo Pigliucci). Book review, "The Plausibility of Life: Resolving Darwin's Dilemma". Marc W. Kirschner and John C. Gerhart. xvi + 314 pp. Yale University Press, 2005.
Being Stalked by Intelligent Design (by Pat Shipman, Pennsylvania State University; November-December 2005). "Scientists must stop ignoring "Intelligent Design"-religious prejudice disguised as intellectual freedom".
Evolution of a Controversy (a book review by George E. Webb, Tennessee Tech University, November-December 2005: "The Evolution-Creation Struggle". Michael Ruse, Harvard University Press, 2005). "Ruse traces the present conflict between evolutionists and creationists back to a crisis of faith during the Enlightenment". See also: An interview with Florida State University philosopher Michael Ruse.

Americans United: Americans United supporters share a common commitment to church-state separation and individual freedom.
"Scopes Monkey Trial" Attorney Clarence Darrow Continues To Face Opposition In Dayton, Tenn. (by Liz Hayes, April 26, 2017).
South Dakota Legislators Stave Off Anti-Evolution Bill (by Liz Hayes, February 23, 2017).
Science Education May Be Devolving In South Dakota (by Liz Hayes, February 14, 2017).

AOL News:
Florida Education Bill Revives Evolution Debate (by Mara Gay, March 10, 2011).

! J.E. Armstrong and J. Jernstedt, The Botanical Society of America, St. Louis:
Botanical Society of America's Statement on Evolution.
See also here.

The Australian:
UK: Muslim students boycott lectures on evolution (November 29, 2011).
Creationism creeps into NSW schools (June 25, 2010).

L.M. Barone et al. (2014): Predictors of evolution acceptance in a museum population. Evolution: Education and Outreach, 7.

BBC News:
Scientists want creationism teaching ban in Welsh schools (September 05, 2019).
Search results about creationism (June 16, 2015).
Online group calls for removal of creationist exhibit at Giant´s Causeway (July 05, 2012).
Call for creationism exhibit at Giant´s Causeway (June 10, 2010).
McCausland Ulster-Scots and creation in museums call (May 26, 2010).
Darwin teaching "divides opinion" (October 26, 2009).
! Creationism and intelligent design. What is creationism all about - what does it mean, and what is intelligent design and how does it differ from creationism?
Who are the British creationists? (by Julian Joyce, September 15, 2008).
Creationist museum challenges evolution (by Martin Redfern, April 14, 2007)
Let us test Darwin, teacher says (November 27 2006).
Faces of the week, Charles Darwin (Friday, 20 October 2006).
"Creationist" school is praised (April 26, 2006).
Creationism "no place in schools" (April 10, 2006).
Fears over teaching creationism. (March 21, 200). "Schools should not be teaching the Bible-based version of the origins of the world, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said".
Creationism to be in GCSE papers (March 10, 2006). Creationist theories about how the world was made are to be debated in GCSE science lessons in mainstream secondary schools in England.
US evolution court battle opens (September 27, 2005). Eleven parents in the US have gone to court to protect the teaching of evolution at their local schools.
Would you Adam and Eve it? (by Stephen Tomkins, April 01, 2005). "As teachers raise concerns about lessons in the story of Adam and Eve, it seems the rise in creationism is not just an American phenomenon".
US school's new challenge to Darwin (by Ian Pannell, Washington, February 09, 2005). "The debate between creationism versus evolution is starting again in the US, with "intelligent design" advocates casting doubt on Darwin's theories".

BBC Nature online (editor: Matt Walker):
Can religious teachings prove evolution to be true? (July 05, 2011).

Belfast Telegraph:
Creationism ignores the reality of science (November 29, 2016).
Why Good Book could be bad news for DUP (June 07, 2010).
Nelson McCausland "met creationists before museums request" (May 31,2010).
Creationism v evolution: Showdown at the Ulster Museum (by Lesley-Anne Henry, May 27, 2010).

! C.M. Belin and B. Kisida (2012): Science Standards, Science Achievement, and Attitudes about Evolution. In PDF.

Michael Benton, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK: Accuracy of Fossils and Dating Methods (an original interview, American Institute of Biological Sciences).
Still available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! The Museum of Paleontology (UCMP), University of California at Berkeley: Evolution Forum. A website where teachers can access and share information concerning the teaching of evolution.

! The University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley:
Understanding Science. Understanding Science provides a free resource that accurately communicates what science is and how it really works. An excellent resource, especially for teachers!
Don't miss to go to the Resource library.

! M.B. Berkman and E. Plutzer (2011): Defeating Creationism in the Courtroom, But Not in the Classroom. In PDF, Science, 331: 404-405. See also here.

! M.B. Berkman et al. (2008): Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait. PDF file, PLoS Biology, 6.

Berliner Zeitung (a German Newspaper):
Von Sauriern und Bibelkundigen. Hessens Kultusministerin hat nichts gegen die Schöpfungslehre im Biologie-Unterricht (by Marin Majica, 01.11.2006; in German).
Der Kardinalfehler (by Axel Meyer, August 07, 2005, in German).
Lehrer müssen vor Darwin warnen (by Stefan Elfenbein December 23, 1998; in German).
See also: letter to the editor (by Michael Ohl, Museum für Naturkunde, Institut für Systematische Zoologie, Berlin; December 30, 1998).

Andreas Beyer (2007), Molekulare Biologie, Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen, Standort Recklinghausen: Was ist Wahrheit? oder Wie Kreationisten Fakten wahrnehmen und wiedergeben. PDF file, in German.

Stuart Bobbin (2018): So a Geologist Walks Into a Creationist Museum … Gig City, Edmonton, Canada.

The Boston Globe:
Intelligent design cannot be taken seriously as science (by Abby Hafer, September 17, 2016).
Creationists carry assault on Darwinism to Europe (by Gregory Katz, February 10, 2008).
Just the facts -- and they're always right (by Alex Beam, June 4, 2007).
Environmentalism and the apocalypse (by Cathy Young, April 17, 2006).
Catholic scientist has faith in both God and evolution. (by Carolyn Y. Johnson, March 13, 2006).
Creationists ready a museum to reconcile bones with Bible (by Michael Powell, Washington Post, October 2, 2005; Copyright 2005 Globe Newspaper Company).

! The Botanical Society of America, St. Louis: Botanical Society of America´s Statement on Evolution (by J.E. Armstrong and J. Jernstedt). The plant perspective on evolution.

G. Branch (2020): Teaching Evolution in U.S. public schools: striking improvements in the last dozen years. BMC Blogs Network.

! Glenn Branch et al. (2010): Dispatches from the Evolution Wars: Shifting Tactics and Expanding Battlefields. PDF file, Annu. Rev. Genom. Human Genet., 11: 317-338.
See also here, and there (National Center for Science Education, Oakland, California).

Glenn Branch (2005), National Center for Science Education, Oakland, CA: The Battle Over Evolution: How Geoscientists Can Help. PDF file, article on PDF page 4. Sedimentary Record (a publication of SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology), vol. 3/3, pp. 4-8.
Concerning the evolution versus creationism debate, geoscientists are in a unique position to help, but in order to do so, they need to appreciate the history of the controversy, to understand the variety of ways in which creationists attempt to compromise evolution education, and to work together to use their scientific expertise effectively in the education policy arena.
This expired link is now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

S.K. Brem (2003): Perceived consequences of evolution: College students perceive negative personal and social impact in evolutionary theory. In PDF, Science Education.

British Humanist Association, London:
Government changes Free School model funding agreement to ban creationist schools (January 10, 2012).

Robert Todd Carroll, Skeptic´s Dictionary, Sacramento City College: Creationism and Creation Science.

CBS News:
Bill Nye on creationism critique: I'm not attacking religion. (August 28, 2012).
Creationists notch big win in Tennessee (by Charles Cooper, April 08, 2011).
"Monkey Trial" 85 Years Old Today July 08, 2010).

Chicago Tribune:
Libertyville officials: Teacher did teach creationism (March 08, 2011).
Libertyville High School science teacher cited creationism, officials confirm (March 08, 2011).
Biologist Richard Dawkins on the evolution debate (by Lori Kozlowski, November 04, 2009).
! Pope says evolution doesn't mean there's no God (by Chris Matyszczyk October 27, 2014).

Trump Army secretary pick gave a lecture arguing against the theory of evolution (by Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie, May 3, 2017).
Creationists taunt atheists in latest billboard war (by Eric Marrapodi, October 09, 2013).
My Take: The case for including ethics, religion in science class (by Arri Eisen, December 15, 2011).
Dawkins: Evangelist an "idiot" on evolution. Including an video interview (by Peter Wilkinson, November 25, 2009).
Gallup: 40% of Americans Believe in Creationism (by Michael W. Chapman, July 26, 2019).
Scientific Inquiry – Not Opinion – Should Triumph in Schools and the Media (by Sarah Chaffee, May 22, 2017).
Trump's Education Secretary Nominee DeVos Should Challenge Darwinism (by David Klinghoffer,January 13, 2017).

Lorence G. Collins, Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Northridge: Articles in Opposition to Creationism.

! Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP): Creation and Intelligent Design Watch. CSICOP encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public. Go to:
! News.

! A. Cornish-Bowden and M.L. Cárdenas (2007): The threat from creationism to the rational teaching of biology. In PDF, Biological research, 40: 113-122. See also here.

! The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (October 4, 2007): The dangers of creationism in education. Report Committee on Culture, Science and Education.
See also here. Snapshot taken by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Daily Mail, London:
Frontrunner in race to replace Arlene Foster as DUP leader is a 'creationist who believes the world was created 6,000 years ago' (by Jack Maidment, April 21, 2021).
Creationist sues the Grand Canyon for religious discrimination after he is denied the right to remove 60 rocks (by Phoebe Weston, May 19, 2017).
Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution... because it "clashes with the Koran" (November 28, 2011).

Andrew Dalby and Matt Stewart, Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum: Evolution and Creationism. An introduction about the controversy between evolution and creationism.

! R. Dawkins (1996): The blind watchmaker: Why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design. In PDF, New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. ISBN 0-393-31570-3. See likewise here.
! Note also here (Wikipedia entry).

! Richard Dawkins (1986): The Blind Watchmaker. In PDF. Also available here.
See also "Watchmaker analogy" in Wikipedia and "The Blind Watchmaker" headword there.
See also the book reviews in Amazon.

Deutsche Welle (a German broadcasting service):
German courts take on the Flying Spaghetti Monster (by Konstantin Klein, August 02, 2017).
Kreuzzug gegen Darwin (July 21, 2009).
Wer ist schon Darwin? (February 11, 2009).
Kulturkampf im Klassenzimmer (February 11, 2009).
Council of Europe: Keep Creationism Out of Science Classes (October 05, 2007).
German Scientists Concerned About Rise in Creationist Belief (November 02, 2006).
Intelligent Design Debate Arrives in Germany (by Sabina Casagrande, December 21, 2005).

Deutschlandfunk (a German broadcasting service):
Die Sintflut als Erlebnispark (by Gesine Dornblüth, January 22, 2020, in German).
"Darwin? Nein danke!" (by Solveig Bader, February 20, 2009, in German).

Deutschlandradio (a German broadcasting channel):
Die subversive Kraft der Evolution (Book review Philip Kitcher: Mit Darwin leben: Evolution, Intelligent Design und die Zukunft des Glaubens. Suhrkamp; by Sibylle Salewski, April 28, 2009; in German).
Aufklärungsbuch für Evolutionszweifler (by Arndt Reuning, January 04, 2008).
Kreationismus versus Evolution Paläontologen argumentieren gegen Fundamentalismus (by Dagmar Röhrlich, December 10, 2006).
Kreationismus contra Evolutionstheorie - Wie christliche Fundamentalisten Darwin bekämpfen (by Kim Kindermann, January 23, 2006; in German).
Gott vor Gericht (Burkhard Müller-Ulrich and Claus Leggewie, December 22, 2005; in German). About creationism in the USA.
Vom Vergrößerungsglas bis zu lebenden Schildkröten. (by Max Boehnel, November 18, 2005; in German). The big Darwin exhibition, American Museum of Natural History, New York.

! T. Dobzhansky (1973): Nothing in Biology Makes Sense except in the Light of Evolution. In PDF, The American Biology Teacher, 35: 125-129. See also here (Google books).

Kevin Drum, Political Animal, Washington Monthly: BUSH AND EVOLUTION. Quotes from the 1999 campaign: See also: The reaction to Bush´s statements, by PZ Myers, The Panda´s Thumb.

Earth (the former "Geotimes", American Geological Institute, AGI):
Creationism comes to the county fair (by S.K. Johnson, June 30, 2014).
The Coconino´s starring role in the creationist-geologist battle (by S. Newton, June 10, 2011).
Creationism creeps into mainstream geology (by S. Newton, June 10, 2011).
Running into the brick wall of Creationism again (by P. Greer, March 31, 2009).

The European Society for Evolutionary Biology. The objectives of the Society are to support the study of organic evolution and the integration of those scientific fields that are concerned with evolution: molecular and microbial evolution, behaviour, genetics, ecology, life histories, development, paleontology, systematics and morphology. Go to:
! Evolution Matters. A guide to the creationism-evolution controversy. Also available as PDF download.

! EvoBioBlog, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evolution in Biologie, Kultur und Gesellschaft (AG Evolutionsbiologie). In German.

Evolution: Education and Outreach.
Evolution: Education and Outreach addresses the question of why we should care about evolution by exploring the practical applications of evolutionary principles in daily life and the impact of evolutionary theory on culture and society throughout history. Targeting K-16 students, teachers and scientists alike, the journal presents articles to aid members of these communities in the teaching of evolutionary theory.
"True science" creationists figure out how dinosaurs got on Noah´s Ark (by Norman Byrd, June 20, 2014).
Gallup poll: creationism still defeats evolution (by William Doehring, June 03, 2012).
New bill will favors creationism, challenges evolution in the science classroom (by Dennis Bodzash, April 05, 2012).
Bachmann doubts evolution, wants intelligent design in schools (by Michael Stone, June 18, 2011).
KY. tax break for Ark Encounter: affront to Constitution and science (by Allen Thacker, May 23, 2011).
Tennessee bill would allow Creationism, Intelligent Design in science classroom (by Michael Stone, April 09, 2011).
Modesto teacher wants Intelligent Design taught in his science class (September 29, 2010).
Texas creationist college cannot offer masters in science says judge (by Trina Hoaks, June 24, 2010).
Creationism activist files suit against Jet Propulsion Laboratory (by Charles McAlpin, April 21, 2010).
Atheists attack Darwinian evolution in new book (by James-Michael Smith, February 25, 2010).
Humanists protest against Noah´s Ark Creationist Zoo (by Hugh Kramer, August 28, 2009).

FAZ-NET (Frankfurter Allgemeine, a German newspaper):
F.A.Z.-Sachbücher der Woche: Was sich da alles gegenseitig züchtet! (by Helmut Mayer, October 30, 2010; in German).
Kreationismus durch die Hintertür. Evolutionstheorie im Unterricht. (by Katja Gelinsky, April 25, 2009; in German).
Mutter Natur? Dass ich nicht lache (July 08, 2008, in German)
Wolffs Werte (June 29, 2007, in German).
Evolution und Vernunft (by Christian Geyer, July 19, 2005; in German).

The Financial Times:
The ark builders (by Barney Jopson, April 05, 2013).
Planet of the apes (by Stephen Cave, August 17, 2012).
The Greatest Show on Earth (Review by Clive Cookson, September 19, 2009: "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution", by Richard Dawkins).
Darwin muss nachsitzen (by Angelika Dehmel, February 18; in German).
In defence of Darwin and reason (January 16, 2009).

Focus Online (a German newspaper):
US-Lehrer zweifeln an Evolution (January 30, 2011; in German).
Skeptiker: UFOs und Kreationisten im Visier (June 01, 2008; in German).
Stimmen die Thesen der Kreationisten? (by Michael Odenwald, March 28, 2008; in German).
Evolution - nur eine "Theorie"? (January 09, 2008; in German).

Creationism Versus Evolution Has Been Roiling Education For A Century. What Can We Learn From The Debate? (by Peter Greene, April 27, 2022).
The Achievement Of Russell Doolittle (by John Farrell, Nov 17, 2019).
Is There A Place For Evolution In Intelligent Design? (by Suzanne Sadedin, August 24, 2018).
A Brief History Of Darwin Bashing (by John Farrell, October 30, 2016).
Evangelicals Coming Out For Darwin (by John Farrell, September 11, 2016).
Meet The Canadian Scientist Who Loves Battling American Creationists (by John Farrell, July 31, 2015).
New Survey Finds Creationism In Britain Has Been Overstated (by John Farrell, January 27, 2015).
How The War On Science Affects Us All (by Greg Satell, January 10, 2015).
Creationism In Europe? You Bet (by John Farrell, December 30, 2014). South Carolina Legislator Wants To Force Students To Learn Creationism (by Steven Salzberg, August 03, 2014).
Creationism And The View From Turkey (by John Farrell, July 25, 2012).
An Atheist Reports Back on His Tour Among Creationists (by John Farrell, March 23, 2012).
Kentucky Cuts Education; Preserves Tax Breaks For Creationist Theme Park (by Alex Knapp, January 23, 2012).
More Political Attacks on Science Education Planned for 2012 (by John Farrell, December 22, 2011).
More Americans Accept Evolution (by John Farrell, September 12, 2011).
New Film Targets Evolution Skeptics (by J. Farrell, July 27, 2011).
Creeping Creationism in Louisiana Public Schools? (November 19, 2010).

Barbara Forrest, Southeastern Louisiana University: The Newest Evolution of Creationism (from Natural History magazine 2002, hosted by, American Institute of Biological Sciences). "Intelligent design is about politics and religion, not science". See also:
The Wedge at Work: How Intelligent Design Creationism Is Wedging Its Way into the Cultural and Academic Mainstream. Reprinted from Chapter 1 of the book Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics (MIT Press, 2001). This essay analyzes the political and religious currents within the Intelligent Design movement.

Book review, reviewed by Richard Forrest, Palaeontologia Electronica, 10, 2007: Mark Isaak, "The Counter-Creationism Handbook". University of California Press, 2007.

fowid, Germany: Creationism in Germany (November 11, 2005; in German). See also here (PDF file), or there (Newsticker, VdBiol).

Fox News:
Ohio school district weighs allowing creationism discussion in classrooms (May 25, 2013.

Gallup (a global analytics and advice firm):
40% of Americans Believe in Creationism (by Megan Brenan, July 26, 2019).

W.A. Friedman (2020): Darwin in the garden: Engaging the public about evolution with museum collections of living objects. Open access, Plants, People, Planet, 2: 294–301.
"... Polls continue to show distressingly high percentages of people around the world do not accept that evolution has occurred.
[...] It is time for botanical gardens and arboreta around the world to commit to leveraging their living collections of museum objects to explain and demonstrate the roles of mutation, variation, and selection in the evolutionary process. In doing so, much could be accomplished to increase scientific literacy at a societal level.

GEO Magazin (a German journal):
"Der Kreationismus ist ein florierendes Business" (August 16, 2007; in German).

! The Geological Society of America (GSA): Critical Issues, and The official GSA Position Statement on Evolution. The GSA recognizes that the evolution of life stands as one of the central concepts of modern science. Research in numerous fields of science during the past two centuries has produced an increasingly detailed picture of how life has evolved on Earth.

The Geological Society of America (GSA): Evolution and Creationism, Sites describing and/or promoting evolution. An annotated link list.

! Geotimes, (The American Geological Institute, Alexandria, VA:
Moving Past Creationist Roots (by Stephen Godfrey, October 2006). An evolving debate, and Victory for evolution in Dover (by Kathryn Hansen, Highlights 2005 - Paleontology).
This Is Not Your Father´s Creationism. Book review, "Creationism´s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design" by Barbara Forrest and Paul R. Gross. Oxford University Press, 2004. (by Mark A. Wilson, July 2005).
Education: Evolution battles rage (by Megan Sever, March 2005),
More challenges to evolution (by Megan Sever, Geotimes Web Extra, Geotimes, Nov. 12, 2004).

Vorsicht Kreationismus! An interview /n German) with H. Granz, Morphisto - Evolutionsforschung und Anwendung GmbH; M. Gudo, Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt am Main, and R. Leinfelder, Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (in German). November 14, 2006.
Website outdated, download a version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften e.V. (GWUP), Roßdorf, Germany:
Kreationismus (in German).

GSA Today (The Geological Society of America).
! The evolution of creationism (by D.R. Montgomery, 2012).
GSA should atone for publishing creationist letters (by J. David Archibald, February 5, 2002).

The Guardian, UK (Guardian Unlimited):
Edwin Poots: DUP’s new creationist leader is a savvy politician (by Rory Carroll, May 14, 2021).
Would you Adam and Eve it? Why creation story is at heart of a new spiritual divide (by Catherine Pepinster, September 17, 2017).
Questioning evolution is neither science denial nor the preserve of creationists (by Fern Elsdon-Baker, September 05, 2017).
Creationist uses Trump order to get permission to take rocks from Grand Canyon (by Naaman Zhou, July 7, 2017).
Why creationists are out of time with history and science (by Dave Hone, April 27, 2016).
! Evolution makes scientific sense. So why do many people reject it? (by Nathalia Gjersoe, March 31, 2016).
Creationist hopes his fossil find will get two plaques - one fitting his world view (by A. Holpuch, May 31, 2015).
Screen Australia film agency awarded creationist film AUD$90,000 (April 29, 2015).
Why creationism matters - and irks so many people (by Andrew Brown, September 25, 2014).
Pseudoscience I was taught at a British creationist school (by J. Scaramanga, September 25, 2014).
Why I won´t be going back to Bristol´s creationist zoo (by Alice Roberts, December 08, 2013).
Creationism in UK education - why the fight must go on (by Richy Thompson, July 04, 2013).
Creationism and revisionist history threaten to invade our classrooms (by Zack Kopplin, May 20, 2013).
Louisiana counts the cost of teaching creationism - in reputation and dollars (by Zack Kopplin, May 01, 2013).
Creationist stakes $10,000 on contest between Bible and evolution (by Amanda Holpuch, March 25, 2013:
Why our campaign against creationism in schools matters for science in the US (by Zack Kopplin, March 22, 2013).
Free schools are exploiting loopholes to teach creationism (by Andrew Copson, November 30, 2012).
What made the creationist footprints in the Giant´s Causeway visitor centre? (by Andrew Brown, July 06, 2012).
National Trust reference creationism at the Giant´s Causeway (July 05, 2012).
Schools of pseudoscience pose a serious threat to education (May 13, 2012).
The Republicans who want ignorance to get equal time in schools (by Diane Roberts, April 17, 2012).
The new anti-science assault on US schools (by Katherine Stewart, February 12, 2012).
Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists. Free schools that teach "intelligent design" as science will lose funding (by Jamie Doward, January 15, 2012).
Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists. "Free schools that teach "intelligent design" as science will lose funding" (by Jamie Doward, January 15, 2012).
Creationism explained (by Andrew Brown, September 25, 2011).
Rick Perry´s true ID: creationism in the classroom (by Andrew Zak Williams, August 23, 2011).
Climate sceptics flirt with intelligent design and Islamophobic group (by Leo Hickman, June 10, 2011).
Too much heat, not enough light in the creationism war (by Mark Vernon, May 12, 2011).
Free schools will not teach creationism, says Department for Education (by Riazat Butt, March 21, 2011).
Top Ten Creationist Arguments (part 2) (February 20, 2011).
When is it acceptable to discriminate against evolution sceptics? (by James Hannam, February 16, 2011).
Creationism and the Academy (by Andrew Brown, January 13, 2011).
Top Ten Creationist Arguments (December 12, 2010).
The futility of Intelligent Design (by Andrew Brown, November 23, 2010).
Creationists seek to insert their own brand of "truth" into education (by Paul Sims, September 10, 2010).
Is science teaching undermined by religious instruction in faith schools? (by Evan Harris, August 31, 2010).
Creationist claims in Northern Ireland. Supporters of creationism in Northern Ireland are abusing the language of rights and equality in order to gain a foothold (by Sophia Deboick, June 19, 2010).
Northern Ireland minister calls on Ulster Museum to promote creationism. Nelson McCausland defends letter to trustees urging anti-evolution exhibits (by Henry McDonald, May 26, 2010).
Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns (by Chris McGreal, May 16, 2010).
Intelligent design is an oxymoron (by Michael Ruse, May 05, 2010).
Did Texans walk with dinosaurs? The latest survey of creationist attitudes in Texas shows them strangely fossilised (by Andrew Brown, February 19, 2010).
Intelligent design is not science (by Denis Alexander, December 03, 2009).
British creationists: some numbers. Those who reject Darwinism in Britain are numerous, largely irreligious, and ignorant of science (by Andrew Brown, November 25, 2009).
Who are the creationists? The first scientific study of British creationist reasoning shows people too confused to be a movement (by Andrew Brown, November 24, 2009).
Evolution's classroom crisis. Surveys show that, around the world, teachers and students are rejecting evolution. The results are likely to be dire (by Riazat Butt, November 15, 2009).
Learning from creationism (by Andrew Brown, November 10, 2009).
A birthday present for Darwin. The teaching of evolution in primary schools will be an important defence against the ignorance of intelligent design (by Andrew Copson, November 09, 2009).
Teach both evolution and creationism say 54% of Britons. British Council poll finds UK adults overtake Americans in wanting science teaching in schools to include intelligent design (October 25, 2009).
Creation is a fitting tribute to Darwin. A new film about the great scientist is upsetting Darwinologists as much as creationists. (by Adam Rutherford, September 23, 2009).
Beware - creationism's march will go on (by Nick Cohen, November 2, 2008).
Creationist gets website blocked, and
Turkish newspaper website blocked after creationist's complaint (by Robert Tait, October 17 2008).
Our scientists must nail the creationists (by Robin McKie, September 14, 2008).
How Darwin won the evolution race (by Robin McKie, June 22, 2008).
Revealed: the vegetarian Eden that was home to Adam, Eve and T Rex Dawkins's worst nightmare takes his literalist Biblical message on a tour of the UK (by James Randerson, April 5, 2008).
Blogging Darwin. The Origin of Species: Over 149 years, Darwin's theory of evolution has withstood attacks far better than many other scientific theories (by Adam Rutherford, February 09, 2008).
The creative sciences (by Adam Rutherford, January 18, 2008).
Creationists plan British theme park. A business trust is looking at sites for a Christian showplace to challenge the theory of evolution (by Jamie Doward, December 16, 2007).
Giving creationists the oxygen of publicity (by James Randerson, August 6, 2007).
World's first creationist museum opens in Kentucky (by Fred Attewill, May 29, 2007).
Creationists defeated in Kansas school vote on science teaching (by Suzanne Goldenberg, February 15, 2007).
Big mistake. "It is important to understand the sheer magnitude of the error that creationists are attributing to their scientific colleagues" (by Richard Dawkins, comment is free; December 27, 2006).
We can work it out. "The intelligent design argument of irreducible complexity is not science. It is not common sense. It may not even be Christian" (by Tim Radford, December 20, 2006).
Creationism in the classroom (December 19, 2006).
Here endeth the lesson "Intelligent design is just creationism in disguise. This nonsense has no place in science classes" (by James Randerson, comment is free The Guardian, December 13, 2006).
Ministers to ban creationist teaching aids in science lessons (by James Randerson, December 7, 2006).
! Q&A: intelligent design. The theories behind intelligent design (by Anna Seward, November 27, 2006).
Revealed: rise of creationism in UK schools (by James Randerson, November 27, 2006).
Enemies of science. "Spin doctors and government agencies are undermining the quest for knowledge" (by Alok Jha, November 13, 2006).
How did we get here? Evolution is on the way out - more than 30% of students in the UK say they believe in creationism and intelligent design. (by Harriet Swain, August 15, 2006).
Scientists rally to attack creationist schooling (by Rebecca Smithers, June 22, 2006).
Top scientist gives up on creationists (by James Randerson, May 30, 2006).
Why Creationism is wrong (by Sarah Crown, May 29, 2006).
Six-day wonder "Creationism has now made it on to a GCSE syllabus" (by John Crace, May 2, 2006).
This is a clash of civilisations - between reason and superstition (by Polly Toynbee, April 14, 2006). "Religious schools are indoctrinating and divisive. The people don't want them. So why are MPs backing them?"
Royal Society attacks teaching of creationism as science (by Campbell and Rebecca Smithers, April 12, 2006).
Creationist to tour UK universities (by Jamie Doward, April 9, 2006).
Archbishop: stop teaching creationism (by Stephen Bates, March 21, 2006).
Teachers enlisted in battle against creationists (by Chris Johnston, February 20, 2006).
Richard Dawkins: Beyond belief. Interview, January 10, 2006. The renowned evolutionary biologist tells John Crace why he finds the resurgence of religion so annoying.
Parents challenge US "intelligent design" teaching (by Julian Borger, Harrisburg, September 27, 2005).
Creation debate that aimed to eradicate classroom bigotry (by Donald MacLeod, September 26, 2005).
US school's evolution teaching goes on trial (September 26, 2005).
One side can be wrong (Guardian Unlimited, September 1, 2005). "Accepting "intelligent design" in science classrooms would have disastrous consequences, warn Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne".
A life with no purpose (by George Monbiot, August 16, 2005).

Guardian Liberty Voice (the former Las Vegas Guardian Express):
Big Month for Creationism (by Bryan Levy, June 1, 2014).

! S.D. Gupta (2016): Pseudoscience - in Theory and Practice: A Reply to Shanta and Muni´s "Why Biology is Beyond Physical Sciences?" Advances in Life Sciences, 6: 39-44. Please take notice:
! Creationism and intelligent design are incompatible with scientific progress: A response to Shanta and Vêdanta (by G. Caetano-Anollés, 2016): Communicative integrative biology, 9.
Vedantic view of life: Reply to Gustavo Caetano-Anollés (by Bhakti Niskama Shanta, 2016).
Vendantic view on life and consciousness: BN Shanta is correct (by Medicharla Venkata Jagannadham, 2016).

Handelsblatt (a German newspaper):
Schöpfung oder Wissenschaft? (some contributions, September 08, 2007; in German).

! S.O. Hansson (2017): Science denial as a form of pseudoscience. In PDF, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 63: 39-47. See also here.

Ken Harding, the Paleo Ring: Evolution Education Resource Center. This is a page directed toward the creationist. See also here.

Simon Heitzinger (2023): Entwicklung eines Unterrichtskonzepts im Kontext von Fehlvorstellungen im Evolutionsunterricht. PDF file, in German. Master thesis, Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich.
See also here.

R.S. Hermann et al. (2020): Understanding of Evolution Law among K–12 Public School Teachers. Free access, The American Biology Teacher, 82: 86-92.

D. Hopp, AG Evolutionsbiologie im VBIO:
Der Fall Danuvius guggenmosi (in German). Muss die Menschheitsgeschichte umgeschrieben werden?

Herbert Huber, Institut für Philosophie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: Geschichte des Kreationismus in den USA. The history of Creationism in the United States (Some chapters, in German).
Snapshot provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

The Huffington Post (an American news website):
Texas Is Considering A Bill That Could Let Science Instructors Teach Creationism. (by Antonia Blumberg, March 17, 2017).
Evolution Education Without Indoctrination (by David Moshman, June 13, 2016).
Top 5 Creationist Claims About Grand Canyon: The Great Unconformity Was Caused By Noah's Flood, Part 1 (by Steven Newton, April 14, 2015).
Bill Nye: Creationism Is "Raising A Generation Of Young People Who Can´t Think" (by Antonia Blumberg, December 12, 2014).
Creationist Cartoon Shown In Georgia Biology Class Equates Evolution With Satan (by Rebecca Klein, July 09, 2014).
Intelligent Design´s Final Days (by M. Zimmerman).
Three Reasons Why Evolution Will Never Convince a Creationist (by Jennifer G. Bird, February 06, 2014).
Creationism Versus Evolutionism: When Will This Debate Ever End? (by Steve McSwain, January 08, 2014).
Poll: 70% Of GA Republicans Believe In Creationism (by Chris Gentilviso, August 08, 2013). See also here.
Botanical Society Panel Derides Creationism, Louisiana Science Education Act (by Rebecca Klein, July 31, 2013).
4th-Grade "Science Test" Goes Viral: Creationism Quiz Claims Dinosaurs Lived With People (PHOTO) (May 2, 2013).
Man with creationist ties gives dinosaur presentations (by Rachael Gray, April 23, 2013).
Creationism Runs Into Inconvenient Truth of Science (by N. Greenberg, September 07, 2012).
When It Comes to Anti-Evolution Arguments, Americans Need to Be More Cynical (by Jason Rosenhouse, May 10, 2012).
Should Creationist Teachers Have Academic Freedom? (by David Moshman, May 08, 2012).
Creationism and Monkey Business in Tennessee (by Peter M. J. Hess, April 18, 2012).
What One Atheist Learned From Hanging Out With Creationists (by Jason Rosenhouse, March 21, 2012).
Creationism in New Hampshire: Attacking Science and Undermining Religious Freedom (by M. Zimmermann, January 08, 2012).
The Top Peacemaker in the Science-Religion Wars: John Polkinghorne (by K. Giberson, January 06, 2012).

Der Humanistische Pressedienst, Berlin. HP´s principles see here (in German):
England: Aus für Kreationismus in freien Schulen (January 16, 2012).
"USA Today" verbreitet Intelligent Design (October 01, 2010; in German).
Mit Comics wider die Kreationisten (July 01, 2010; in German).
Bundesverdienstkreuz für Kreationisten (by Andreas Dietz, February 08, 2010).
See also here (Neues Deutschland, February 16, in German).

The Independent, U.K.:
US states consider laws allowing Creationism to be taught by science teachers (by Tom Embury-Dennis, March 2017).
Donald Trump appoints creationist college president to lead higher education reform taskforce (by Andrew Buncombe, February 01, 2017).
Donald Trump meets with creationist Jerry Falwell Jr about possibly becoming next Secretary of Education (by Andrew Buncombe, November 21, 2016).
Creationism should not be taught in schools, says Scottish education minister (by S. Fenton, May 27, 2015).
Creationist free school applications plummet. The number of faith schools continues to grow, mostly started by mainstream Christian groups. (by R. Garner, July 01, 2013).
Creationist free schools are an abuse - ancient ignorance has no place in education (by A.C. Grayling, February 20, 2013).
Creationists to open free school (by P. McPherson, July 14, 2012).
Don´t mention dinosaurs: New York raises the bar for politically-correct exams (by D. Usborne, March 29, 2012).
Scientists and humanists fear creationist teaching is set to creep into more classrooms (by Andrew Williams, April 07, 2011).
Evolution classes for primary pupils (by Richard Garner, November 20, 2009).
Religion vs science: can the divide between God and rationality be reconciled? (by Paul Vallely, October 11, 2008).
Creationist offers prize for fossil proof of evolution (by Toby Green, September 29, 2008).
Scientists rally against creationist "superstition" (by Ian Johnston, June 01, 2008).
Americans are flocking to a hi-tech Creation Museum where man and dinosaurs frolick happily together (August 19, 2007).

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft idw, (in German)
"Viva la Evolución!" (by Florian Klebs, Hohenheim)
Deutschlands Biologen sprechen endlich mit einer Stimme (by Hannes Schlender, 07.06.2007; in German).
Attacke auf "Darwins kontroverse These" (by Ute Schönfelder, November 16, 2006).
Wider den Kreationismus - das Wissen über die Evolution (by Myriam Hönig, Union der deutschen Akademien der Wissenschaften, Berlin, June 27, 2006).
Search idw for "Kreationismus".

International Geoscience Education Organisation (IGEO).
The aims of the International Geoscience Education Organisation are to promote geoscience education internationally at all levels.

International Herald Tribune:
An intelligent approach to intelligent design (by Michael Balter, January 31, 2007).

The Inquirer:
The new Scopes Monkey trials (by Wendy M. Grossman, September 30, 2005).

The Irish Times:
Politics and belief (May 08, 2021).
DUP leadership (May 06, 2021).
Creationism and democracy (May 04, 2021).
Fintan O’Toole: Earth calling Edwin Poots – we have a problem (May 04, 2021).

! POPE JOHN PAUL II (website provided by Eternal Word Television Network, Irondale, AL): ON EVOLUTION. Message delivered to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences October 22, 1996. Evolution is compatible with Christian faith!
See also here (The Vatican, April 26, 1985; in German); and there (Radio Vatikan, November 21, 2005; in German).
See further: (Wikipedia) Evolution and the Roman Catholic Church, and
James Akin, Nazareth Resource Library (bringing quality Christian literature to the world wide web): Evolution: What the Pope Said.

Thomas Junker, Birgit Klaus and Dennis Wilms, Planet Wissen (German broadcasting service WDR, SWR and BR-alpha; December 2009): Charles Darwin (in German). Videos available via YouTube. Easy to understand information (in German), go to:
Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3,
! Part 4 (beginning about 7:26: information on creationism and intelligent design),
! Part 5 (information on creationism and intelligent design), and
Part 6.

Klaus-Peter Kelber und Martin Okrusch, Institute of Mineralogy, University of Würzburg: Athanasius Kircher retrospektiv: Pendelschläge geowissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis. PDF file, in German. Page 137-162, from Beinlich, H., Vollrath, H.-J. & Wittstadt, K. (eds): Spurensuche: Wege zu Athanasius Kircher.- (J.H. Röll) Dettelbach.
Scroll down to Acrobat page 16: "Athanasius Kirchers Arca Noe: Die Sintflut, das für Kreationisten noch immer valide Sinnbild bei der Bekämpfung der naturwissenschaftlichen Evolutionsbiologie." See also here.

Book Citation: ! P.H. Kelley, J.R. Bryan & T.A. Hansen (eds): The Evolution-Creation Controversy II: Perspectives on Science, Religion, and Geological Education. Paleontological Society Papers, Volume 5. pp. 1-242; 1999.

S. Kinnebrock and H. Bilandzic (2023): Stories about Villains, Mad Scientists and Failure. In PDF, start on PDF page 303. Routledge Studies in the Philosophy of Science. In: K. Zachmann et al. (eds): Evidence Contestation: Dealing with Dissent in Knowledge Societies.

! Chris Kirk (2014): Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism. In PDF, Slate (a daily magazine on the web, founded in 1996).
"Thousands of schools in states across the country can use taxpayer money to cast doubt on basic science."

P. Kuschmierz et al. (2021): European first-year university students accept evolution but lack substantial knowledge about it: a standardized European cross-country assessment. Open access, Evolution: Education and Outreach,14: 1–22.
"... despite European countries’ different cultural backgrounds and education systems, European first-year university students generally accept evolution. At the same time, they lack substantial knowledge about it, even if they are enrolled in a biology-related study program. ..."

U. Kutschera (ed.): Kreationismus in Deutschland (in German). Facts and analyses. 376 p., Lit-Verlag, Münster, 2007. Book announcement, with contributions of A. Beyer, U. Hoßfeld, T. Junker, U. Kutschera, R. Leinfelder, M. Mahner, A. Meyer, M. Neukamm. See also here (in German).

! Ulrich Kutschera, Department of Biology, University of Kassel, Germany (see also here:
Darwinischer Amtskirchen-Kreationismus. Interview in Humanistischer Pressedienst, about creationism in Germany, chapter 6 in "Creationism in Europe" (in German). Götter, Geister und Designer müssen draußen bleiben. Interview, Laborjournal Online, June 22, 2006; in German).
Darwinism and Intelligent Design. The New Anti-Evolutionism Spreads in Europe. PDF file, Reports 23 (5), p. 17-18, 2003. Website hosted by Verband Deutscher Biologen und biowissenschaftlicher Fachgesellschaften e.V.
Evolution ist eine Tatsache. An interview (modified version published in "factum" 23(1): 34-36; 2003).
Kreationismus und Intelligentes Design (in German).
Intelligentes Design und Evolution ("Biologen heute" 6: 13-14, 2002; in German).

! Reinhold Leinfelder, Institute of Geological Sciences, Free University, Berlin:
Evolution und Kreationismus (in German). Worth checking out:
Darwin. Er hat sogar aus dem Staubwischen eine Wissenschaft gemacht! Interview with Reinhold Leinfelder (Berliner Zeitung, February 2009, by Lilo Berg and Frank Junghähnel; in German).
! Ach du lieber Darwin. Comments ande discussions about evolution (in German). See especially:
Sind wir denn jetzt alle Kreationisten? Zwei Umfragen zum Kreationismus im Vergleich.

Georgy S. Levit, Kay Meister and Uwe Hoßfeld (2008): Alternative evolutionary theories: A historical survey. Abstract, J. Bioecon, 10: 71-96.

! Jere H. Lipps, Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley: Paleontology Challenged! Palaeontologia Electronica, Volume 2, Issue 1, March 1999 (Coquina Press).See also:
! The Decline of Reason? About science and anti-science.

Edward Lipson, Physics Department, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY: Science for the 21 Century, Evolution vs. Creationism. A collection of links.

Los Angeles Times:
We may not agree on polarizing issues but we may end up respecting each other (by Benjamin J. Hubbard, December 28, 2017).
Creationist museum feels right at home in Idaho (by Maria L. La Ganga, March 25, 2015).
Does creationism have a place at a public school? (by Steve Lopez, December 08, 2012).
Creationist to Bill Nye: Kids should be aware of evolution´s flaws (by Matt Pearce, September 24, 2012).
Kansas´ evolution debate just keeps evolving (by Matt Pearce, July 30, 2012).
Creationism discussions are now OK in Tennessee schools (by David Zucchino, April 11, 2012).
The Trouble with Fred and Wilma (by Michael Patrick Leahy, June 12, 2007).

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian:
Creationism still exists in the classroom (by Nancy Pierce, March 01, 2011).

! C.V. McLelland (2008): Nature of Science and the Scientific Method. PDF file, The Geological Society of America.
This article promotes understanding of the nature of science and how the scientific method is used to advance science, focusing in particular on the Earth sciences. It also includes talking points for those who would like help explaining the nature of science to others who have developed misconceptions.
Now recovered from the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! R. Mead et al. (2017): Teaching genetics prior to teaching evolution improves evolution understanding but not acceptance. PLoS Biol., 15: e2002255. See also here.

Jim Meritt & Tedd Hadley, Age of the Earth. The general anti-creationism FAQ.

! Jon D. Miller, Eugenie C. Scott, and Shinji Okamoto (2006): Public Acceptance of Evolution. "The acceptance of evolution is lower in the United States than in Japan or Europe, largely because of widespread fundamentalism and the politicization of science in the United States". PDF file, Science, 313: 766.
See also here.

Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island: Evolution Resources.

R. Moore (2020): The Long & Lingering Shadow of the Scopes Trial. In PDF, The American Biology Teacher. See also here.

Judge rules against "intelligent design" (The Associated Press, with information from MSNBC's Alan Boyle; December 20, 2005). "Religious alternative" to evolution barred from public-school science classes.

! L.S. Nadelson and K.K. Hardy (2015): Trust in science and scientists and the acceptance of evolution. Evolution: Education and Outreach, 8.

The National Academies: The National Academies perform an unparalleled public service by bringing together committees of experts in all areas of scientific and technological endeavor. Go to: Evolution Resources From the National Academies. This Web page is designed to provide easy access to books, position statements, and additional resources on evolution education and research.

! The National Academy of Sciences (NAS):
Teaching about Evolution and THE Nature of Science.
These contributions may help teachers introduce the concepts of evolution, particularly if they are reluctant to teach the topic because of pressures from special-interest groups.
See also here (in PDF).

National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Washington, DC: Science and Creationism. "The concept of biological evolution is one of the most important ideas ever generated by the application of scientific methods to the natural world. The evolution of all the organisms that live on Earth today from ancestors that lived in the past is at the core of genetics, biochemistry, neurobiology, physiology, ecology, and other biological disciplines." See also here, and Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science (1998).

National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT): NABT's Statement on Teaching Evolution. "The theory of evolution provides a framework that explains both the history of life and the ongoing adaptation of organisms to environmental challenges and changes ... The fossil record and the diversity of extant organisms, combined with modern techniques of molecular biology, taxonomy, and geology, provide exhaustive examples of and powerful evidence for current evolutionary theory. Genetic variation, natural selection, speciation, and extinction are well-established components of modern evolutionary theory".

National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), Warrenton, VA.
Recommended Resources.
NABT has created a searchable table of online Peer-Recommended Resources. You can filter by category and audience to get just what you need when you need it. Note escecially:
! Evolution.
! Ecology/Environment.
! General Biology.

! National Center for Science Education (NCSE), Oakland, CA. Some actual reports.
NCSE is a US-nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out.
Banning creationism in Welsh schools? (by Glenn Branch, September 06, 2019).
Polling evolution in Canada (by Glenn Branch, November 30, 2018).
Update from Arizona (by Glenn Branch, September 24, 2018).
"Bringing Darwin Back" (by Glenn Branch, July 17, 2018).
Creationism at publicly funded schools in Florida (by Glenn Branch, June 01, 2018).
Kenneth R. Miller on current threats to evolution education (by Glenn Branch, November 20, 2017).
! Go directly to the ten-minute documentary about current threats to evolution education, hosted at The New York Times.
Antievolution petition rebuffed in Serbia (by Glenn Branch, May 15, 2017).
Arkansas creationism bill apparently dies (by Glenn Branch, April 04, 2017).
Antievolution bill in Arkansas (by Glenn Branch, March 06, 2017).
New science standards in Louisiana (by Glenn Branch, March 08, 2017).
Creationism and Evolution in 1001 Quotations (by Glenn Branch, February 04, 2017).
Kenneth R. Miller on current threats to evolution educationKenneth R. Miller on current threats to evolution education Furor over creationism in Poland (April 13, 2016).
! A peek at Eternal Ephemera. Introduction of Niles Eldredge´s "Eternal Ephemera: Adaptation and the Origin of Species from the Nineteenth Century Through Punctuated Equilibria and Beyond" (Columbia University Press, 2015). See also:
! Free evolution and climate change book downloads! Free evolution book excerpts on the NCSE web site (often complete chapters).
Creationism continues in British faith schools (May 05, 2015).
AFT adds its voice for evolution (March 24, 2015).
Dueling legislation in Scotland (January 30, 2015).
Disappointing news from Scotland (December 18, 2014).
Banning creationism in Scottish schools? (November 04, 2014).
"Intelligent design" bill in South Dakota (January 30, 2014).
Evolution in a new Harris poll (December 18, 2013).
Creationism´s last stand in Texas? (November 14, 2013).
NCSE´s latest in Evolution: Education and Outreach (September 25, 2013).
Polling Georgians about creationism (August 09, 2013).
A preview of Evolution vs. Creationism (May 10, 2013).
Evolution in Pennsylvania (April 29, 2013).
"Intelligent design" bill in Missouri (January 24, 2013).
Bill Nye video on creationism August 30, 2012).
! The latest Gallup poll on evolution (June 01, 2012).
Private school scholarships "a boon to creationism"? (May 24, 2012).
Polling creationism in Britain (February 14, 2012).
"Intelligent design" bill in Missouri (January 12, 2012).
RNCSE 31:6 now on-line (December 20, 2011). The sixth issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education in its new on-line format.
! Voices for Evolution.
Victory for evolution in Texas (July 22,2011).
Progress in Texas? (July 20, 2011).
Creationism banned from "free schools" in Britain (May 23, 2011).
Polling creationism and evolution around the world (April 25, 2011).
"Intelligent design" legislation in Texas (March 09, 2011).
Antievolution legislation in Florida (March 07, 2011).
"Creationism´s evolving strategy" (January 07, 2011).
The latest on NCSE´s YouTube channel (November 22, 2010).
More museums add their voices for evolution (November 05, 2010).
New praise for Not in Our Classrooms (October 29, 2010).
Antievolutionism in a marine science textbook (September 23, 2010).
What´s new on NCSE´s YouTube channel (September 07, 2010).
Voices for evolution continue (August 09, 2010).
! What´s new on NCSE´s YouTube channel (July 16, 2010).
! Polling evolution in three countries (July 16, 2010).
! Catching up with RNCSE (July 09, 2010).
Creationism in Russia? (June 10, 2010).
Polling the creationism/evolution controversy (March 24, 2010).
! Creation/Evolution Journal. Published from 1980 to 1996, Creation/Evolution was the leading source of information about and criticism of the creationist movement through that momentous period, which saw the rise and fall of attempts to require the teaching of "creation science" in the public schools as well as the beginnings of the "intelligent design" movement. All issues are now available in PDF format.
The latest on evolution from the Vatican (October 05, 2009).
Religion in the Public Schools (September 28, 2009).
Historians misrepresented by creationists (July 20th, 2009).
Journals celebrating the Darwin anniversaries (February 27th, 2009).
Evolution in Scientific American (December 15th, 2008).
Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism. A new anthology edited by Andrew J. Petto and Laurie R. Godfrey (W. W. Norton, 2007).
! Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools. NCSE is a US-nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out. This website provides reviews of current anti-evolution activity in the United States and around the world and detailed information on the Creation/Evolution controversy from 1859 to the present. Go to:
! Statements from Scientific and Scholarly Organizations.
See also here (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

National Center for Science Education (NCSE), Oakland, CA. Some basic statements.
NCSE is a US-nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out. NCSE defends the integrity of science education against ideological interference. This website provides reviews of current anti-evolution activity in the United States and around the world and detailed information on the Creation/Evolution controversy from 1859 to the present. Go to:
! Evolution. The National Center for Science Education is the only national organization devoted to defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. See especially:
Kitzmiller and the Liberal Arts, Part 1, and
Kitzmiller and the Liberal Arts, Part 2, and
Kitzmiller and the Liberal Arts, Part 3 (by Eugenie Scott, October 02, 2017). See also Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, and Barbara Forrest (Wikipedia).

The National Law Review:
“Alternative Facts” in the Classroom: Creationist Educational Policy and the Trump Administration (by Megan Elizabeth Sullivan, March 11, 2019).

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA): NSTA´s mission is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. Go to: The Teaching of Evolution. NSTA strongly supports the position that evolution is a major unifying concept in science and should be included in the K-12 science education frameworks and curricula. See also:
! The College Science Classroom, The News Digest. Brand new articles, also about the pro-evolution or anti-creationism debate.

! Natural History magazine (website by Actionbioscience, American Institute of Biological Sciences): Intelligent Design? A special report. Three proponents of Intelligent Design (ID) present their views of design in the natural world. Each view is immediately followed by a response from a proponent of evolution (EVO). Natural History magazine is the voice of The American Museum of Natural History.

Good news: US classrooms are warming to evolution, thanks in part to scientist outreach (by Ann Reid, June 11, 2020).
University sued after firing creationist fossil hunter. Microscopist´s wrongful-dismissal case faces long odds (by Christopher Kemp, November 05, 2014). Science wins over creationism in South Korea (by Soo Bin Park, September 06, 2012).
Reach out to defend evolution (by Russell Garwood, May 16, 2012).
New intelligent design centre launches in Britain (by Ewen Callaway, September 24, 2010, blog).

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland (in German):
Bollwerk gegen die Zweifel an der Evolution (by Ronald D. Gerste, March 19, 2010; in German).
Glaube der Wissenschaft gleichgesetzt. (by Stefan Bühler, November 04, 2007).
Gott und Darwin vor Gericht (by Andrea Köhler, November 19, 2005; in German).
! Religion als Wissenschaft - Wissenschaft als Weltanschauung? (by Uwe Justus Wenzel, October 31, 2005; in German).
Streit um die Evolutionstheorie in den USA (September 28, 2005; in German).

Martin Neukamm, TU München: About Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design (in German).

News24 (a South African online news resource):
More creationist dishonesty (August 21, 2013).
Ten Major Court Cases about Evolution and Creationism (June 18, 2012).
Creationism and Geology. (May 14, 2012).

New Scientist:
Texan creationism showdown may "contaminate" textbook (by Andy Coghlan, October 02, 2013).
Geology will survive creationist undermining (by Steven Newton, October 11, 2011):
Nobel laureates support repeal of creationist bill (by Andy Coghlan, April 26, 2011).
Creationism lives on in US public schools (by John Farrell, October 20, 2010).
New legal threat to teaching evolution in the US (by Amanda Gefter, July 09, 2008).
Commentary: Stop creationists undermining school science (by Lawrence Krauss, June 18, 2008).
16 Percent of U.S. Science Teachers Are Creationists (by Bob Holmes, 20 May 2008).
Creationists unveil"God Lab" (May 14, 2008).
Tall creationist tales from the Grand Canyon (January 11, 2007).
Can biology do better than faith? (by Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University, November 02, 2005). "Evolution by natural selection is still under attack from those wedded to a human-centred or theistic world view. Edward O. Wilson, who was raised a creationist, ponders why this should be, and whether science and religion can ever be reconciled".
Evolution. A comprehensive special report.

New Statesman: Should creationism be taught in British classrooms? (byMichael Reiss, April 06, 2010).

Is Creationism the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory? (by Stephan Lewandowsky, August 22, 2018).
How to Slam Dunk Creationists like Mike Pence When It Comes to the Theory of Evolution (by Paul Braterman, August 03, 2017).

The New Yorker:
! Devolution. Why Intelligent Design isn´t. (by Allen Orr, May 25, 2005).
Snapshot provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.
See also here.

The New York Sun:
! War & Peace A book review (by M. Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine; October 25, 2006).

The New York Times:
Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class (by Clyde Haberman, November 19, 2017).
A Creationist Wants Rocks to Study. The Grand Canyon Says No (by Fernanda Santos, May 29, 2017).
Bryan College Is Torn: Can Darwin and Eden Coexist? (by A. Blindermay, May 21, 2014).
Texas Education Board Flags Biology Textbook Over Evolution Concerns (by M. Rich, November 22, 2013).
Creationists on Texas Panel for Biology Textbooks (September 29, 2013).
Standard-Bearer in Evolution Fight Eugenie C. Scott Fights the Teaching of Creationism in Schools (September 03, 2013).
! Creationism and Intelligent Design. News about Creationism and Intelligent Design, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.
Paying Homage to Darwin in an Unconventional Format: Rap (by D. Overbye, June 27, 2011).
Debate Over Intelligent Design Ensnares a Journal (by M. Oppenheimer, May 13, 2011).
On Evolution, Biology Teachers Stray From Lesson Plan (by N. Bakalar, February 7, 2011).
Astronomer Sues the University of Kentucky, Claiming His Faith Cost Him a Job (by M. Oppenheimer, December 18, 2010).
Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets (by L. Kaufman, March 03, 2010).
Teacher With Bible Divides Ohio Town (by I. Urbina, January 19, 2010).
Creationism, Minus a Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World (by Kenneth Chang, November 02, 2009).
The Fact of Evolution (October 23, 2009).
Philadelphia Set to Honor Darwin and Evolution (by J. Hurdle, June 23, 2008).
Opponents of Evolution Adopting a New Strategy (by Laura Beil, June 4, 2008)
No Admission for Evolutionary Biologist at Creationist Film (by Cornelia Dean, March 21, 2008).
Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life´s Origin (by Cornelia Dean, September 27, 2007).
Rock of Ages, Ages of Rock (by Hanna Rosin, November 25, 2007).
'55 'Origin of Life' Paper Is Retracted (by Cornelia Dean, October 25, 2007).
Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World (by Cornelia Dean, July 17, 2007).
From a Few Genes, Life´s Myriad Shapes (by CAROL KAESUK YOON, June 26, 2007).
In or Out of Eden, One Man´s Unicorn May Be Another´s Apatosaurus (by E. Rothstein, June 4, 2007).
Evolution's Bottom Line (by Holden Thorp, May 12, 20069.
Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah (by Kirk Johnson, February 28, 2006)
When Cosmologies Collide (by Judith Shulevitz, January 22, 2006).
Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker (by Laurie Goodstein, December 4, 2005).
! The Evolution Debate. Complete coverage. Excellent!
Bush Remarks Roil Debate on Teaching of Evolution (by E. Bumiller, August 3, 2005). "A sharp debate between scientists and religious conservatives escalated over comments by President Bush that the theory of intelligent design should be taught with evolution in the nation's public schools".
Leading Cardinal Redefines Church's View on Evolution (by C. Dean and L. Goodstein, July 9, 2005).

The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand:
Human science Science slams creationism (June 23, 2006).
Science and church ally against creationist teaching (February 21, 2006)

Dennis O´Neil, Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College, San Marcos, California: Early Theories of Evolution. 17th-19th Century Discoveries that Led to the Acceptance of Biological Evolution. Go to: Evidence of Evolution.

! Oxford Bibliographies.
Oxford Bibliographies offers exclusive, authoritative research guides. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this cutting-edge resource directs researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects. Go to:
History of Evolutionary Thought, 1860–1925 (by Garland E. Allen).
Darwinism (by Michael Ruse).
Evolution (by Andrew Berry).
Contemporary Evolution (by Andrew P. Hendr and, Michael T. Kinnison).
Stasis (by Scott Lidgard and Melanie Hopkins).
Mass Extinction (by Paul B. Wignall).
Creationism (by Michael Ruse).

The Paleontological Society: The Paleontological Society Position Statement: EVOLUTION. "Evolution is a fact in the sense that life has changed through time. In nature today, the characteristics of species are changing, and new species are arising. The fossil record is the primary factual evidence for evolution in times past, and evolution is well documented by further evidence from other scientific disciplines, including comparative anatomy, biogeography, genetics, molecular biology, and studies of viral and bacterial diseases". See also here.

Paläontologische Gesellschaft: Stellungnahmen zum Kreationismus. In German, website saved by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine (2010).

! The Panda's Thumb (the virtual pub of the University of Ediacara, an online virtual University). The latest news and debates, a lively and informative watchdog blog. The Panda's Thumb is dedicated to explaining the theory of evolution, critiquing the claims of the anti-evolution movement, and defending the integrity of science and science education around the world.

A.J. Petrosino et al. (2015): Decentralized thinking and understanding of evolution in K-12 evolution education. Evolution: Education and Outreach, 8.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:
How to Talk to a Creationist - Colbert sets the Standard (April 24, 2012). About "The Colbert Report": Former Texas Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy discusses the documentary "The Revisionaries," science in textbooks and religious conservatism. (copyright 2005 by United Press International): Museums prepare for creationist visitors. U.S. museums are preparing for increasingly vocal challenges to evolution exhibits, including those of the Washington-based National Science Foundation. The New York Times reported September 20, 2005 (by Cornelia Dean).

Massimo Pigliucci, Department of Ecology and Evolution at State University of New York at Stony Brook: Evolution´s Importance to Society (an original interview). See also:
Design Yes, Intelligent No (Skeptical Inquirer magazine, September 2001). A critique of intelligent design theory and neocreationism.

! E. Plutzer et al. (2020): Teaching evolution in U.S. public schools: a continuing challenge. Open access, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 13.

Michael Powell, The Washington Post, September 25, 2005: In Evolution Debate, Creationists Are Breaking New Ground. Museum dedicated to biblical interpretation of the World is being built near Cincinnati. See also:
Editor Explains Reasons for "Intelligent Design" Article. The Washington Post, Friday, August 19, 2005.

D.R. Prothero (2013): Bringing fossils to life: An introduction to paleobiology. Some chapters, provided by Google books. Look here for the table of contents.
Don´t miss the book review by Catherine Badgley
and by David Penney, Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 58 (in PDF).
! Please pay attention:
The Truth About Transitional Fossils (in PDF).

W.-E. Reif, T. Junker & U. Hoßfeld (don´t take Thomas Junker for Reinhard Junker, an opponent of evolution sciences): The Synthetic Theory of Evolution: General Problems and the German Contribution to the Synthesis. Abstract.

! John Rennie (editor in chief of Scientific American): 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.
Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up.

Reuters (the world´s largest international multimedia news agency):
Tennessee law allows creationism theory in classrooms (by Tim Ghianni, April 10, 2012).
Texas leaders debate teaching creationism in schools (July 21, 2011).
Intelligent Design Documentary to Premiere at Smithsonian Affiliated California Science Center (October 05, 2009).
Facts and false equivalence: reporting on evolution disputes (October 05, 2009).
U.S. science academy stresses evolution's importance (January 03, 2008).
Council of Europe firmly opposes creationism in school (by Gilbert Reilhac, October 4, 2007).
European rights body calls off creationism vote. (by Gilbert Reilhac, June 25, 2007):
Pope to debate evolution with former students (by Tom Heneghan, August 30, 2006).

! Mark Ridley (2004): Evolution (Third edition). In PDF. 786 pages, Blackwell Publishing company. See likewise here (Google books), or there.
Note especially:
Chapter 1.3, "A short history of evolutionary biology", Start at PDF-page 33.
! Part 5, Macroevolution. Chapter 18, "The History of Life", Start at PDF-page 558.
About plant evolution note:
Chapter 3, "The Evidence for Evolution", Start at PDF-page 43.
Chapter 14, "Speciation", Start at PDF-page 416.
Chapter 19, "Evolutionary Genomics", Start at PDF-page 591.

! Jason Rosenhouse, Department of Mathematics, James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia: Evolutionblog. The purpose of this blog is to provide daily commentary on issues related to any aspect of the endless dispute between evolution and creationism.

! Michael Ruse, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Creationism.

San Francisco Chronicle:
The thinking error at the root of science denial (by Jeremy P. Shapiro, May 08, 2018).
30 years after Edwards v. Aguillard: Why creationism lingers in public schools (by John E. Taylor, June 23, 2017).
A new creation story: Beyond religion and science (by Deepak Chopra, October 11, 2010).
Furor erupts over Bush's remarks on intelligent design (by Elisabeth Bumiller, August 3, 2005).
Ernst Mayr - evolutionary biologist Harvard professor was key modernizer of Darwin's theory (by Keay Davidson, February 5, 2005).

D. Schaffhauser (2020): U.S. Teachers Evolving on Science of Evolution. THE Journal (a journal for administrative, technical, and academic technology leaders in K-12 education).
! "... A survey done in 2007 found that only a third of public high school biology teachers were able to present the subject of evolution in a way that satisfied national science experts. And 13 percent of teachers offered creationism as a "valid scientific alternative" to evolution.
Twelve years later, teaching practices related to evolution are much better, according to a recently published report. The researchers found "substantial reductions" in creationist instruction and a "substantial increase" in the time that high school teachers devote to human evolution and the evolutionary process in general. ..."

Science (full article with costs):
It's just louder this time (by Holden Thorp, October 30, 2020).
Brazil’s pick of a creationist to lead its higher education agency rattles scientists (by Herton Escobar, January 26, 2020).
The end of evolution? (February 08, 2019).
! Intelligent design endangers education (by Heslley Machado Silva ,September 01, 2017).
Creationist geologist sues U.S. park service after it rejects request to collect samples in Grand Canyon (by Amanda Reilly, May 19, 2017).
U.K. Scientists Challenge Creationism in Schools (by Daniel Clery, September 19, 2011).
ELECTION 2006: Scientists Get Out the Word. (by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, Vol. 314. no. 5802, p. 1063; November 17, 2006)
TEACHING EVOLUTION: Antievolutionists Win One in Kansas, Lose Eight Seats in Dover (by Constance Holden and Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, November 18, 2005).
EVOLUTION AND CREATIONISM: Shapes of a Wedge (by Steve Olson, Science, Vol 304, Issue 5672, 825-826, May 07, 2004). A review.
Search for "creationism" (2004-2005).

ScienceDaily (a source for the latest research news):
Core thinking error underlies belief in creationism, conspiracy theories (August 20, 2018; see also here (Abstract, Wagner-Egger et al. 2018).

Scientific American:
Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy (by Allison Hopper, July 5, 2021).
Evolution Education in the U.S. Is Getting Better (by Glenn Branch and Ann Reid, September 12, 2020.
How Many Creationists Are There in America? (by Cary Funk, Greg Smith, David Masci, February 12, 2019).
Evolution Is Still True, but... (by Glenn Branch, November 26, 2018).
On "Darwinism". How a great name was turned into a slander (by Kenneth Miller, April 17, 2018).
Richard Dawkins Offers Advice for Donald Trump, and Other Wisdom (by John Horgan,August 10, 2017).
Trump's Presidency Will Be a Disaster for Public Education (by Dana Hunter, November 30, 2016).
! Creationism Invades Europe. An antiscience movement once limited mostly to the U.S. is gaining ground on the eastern side of the Atlantic (by Stefaan Blancke and Peter C. Kjærgaard, October 2016).
An Offensive Strategy for Dealing With Creationist Attacks on Science (by Dana Hunter, January 28, 2015).
Adventures in Creationist Earth Science Education: In the Beginning ... (by Dana Hunter, September 25, 2014).
Want good reasons to be a Creationist? You won´t find them here (by Janet D. Stemwedel, July 11, 2013).
South Korea Surrenders to Creationist Demands. A campaign has succeeded in its aims to remove references to evolution, including the avian ancestor Archaeopteryx, from high-school textbooks (by Soo Bin Park, June 05, 2012).
Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe (by Katherine Harmon, March 03, 2011).
The Scopes Strategy: Creationists Try New Tactics to Promote Anti-Evolutionary Teaching in Public Schools (by Lauri Lebo, February 28, 2011).
Why People Believe What They Do. Psychologist Tania Lombrozo talks about why people believe what they do, especially regarding evolution or creationism. Author Steve Miller discusses his new book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Science of Everything". (April 10, 2009).
Journals celebrating the Darwin anniversaries! (February 27, 2009).
Should Science Speak to Faith? (by Lawrence M. Krauss and Richard Dawkins, June 18, 2007).
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense. "Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up" (by John Rennie).
Darwin on the Right. Why Christians and conservatives should accept evolution (by Michael Shermer, September 19, 2006).
Teach the Science (by Steve Mirsky, January 23, 2006). "Wherever evolution education is under attack by creationist thinking, Eugenie Scott will be there to defend science - with rationality and resolve".

Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine (History of Science, Occidental College; Website hosted by The Geological Society of America): 25 CREATIONISTS' ARGUMENTS & 25 EVOLUTIONISTS' ANSWERS.
This expired link is now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Skeptical Inquirer magazine:
Design Yes, Intelligent No. A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory and Neocreationism (by Massimo Pigliucci, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN).

Skeptiker, Germany (Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften e.V.)

G. Slack (2008): T-Rex in Wonderland: Kentucky’s 27-million-dollar Creation Museum Turns One. Open access, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 1: 342–345.

! M.U. Smith (2010): Current status of research in teaching and learning evolution: II. Pedagogical issues. In PDF, Science & Education, 19: 539–571.
See also here. (a German journal):
Kreationismus auf dem Vormarsch in Europa (by Stefaan Blancke and Peter C. Kjærgaard, November 22, 2016).

! Stanley C. Spencer, SA Associates, Inc., Riverside, CA: Evolution Research News. The academic guide to evolution news and research. This extensive resource site is a research tool for biologists, students, and teachers, covering natural selection, origin of life, phylogenetics, and all other aspects of evolutionary biology, as well as darwinism, creationism, intelligent design (ID), and associated controversies.

Spiegel Online International (in English):
The Lord's Encyclopedia. "Christian fundamentalists in the US have launched two online encyclopedias modelled on the Wikipedia format" (by Christian Stöcker, March 06, 2007).

Spiegel Online, (a German newspaper):
Jeder dritte Russe hält Erde für Mittelpunkt des Sonnensystems (February 10, 2011).
Gottes Werk und Bayerns Beitrag (by Christoph Titz, July 01, 2010; in German).
"Es gab nie einen Krieg mit Darwin" (Interwiew with Jürgen Mittelstraß by Jens Lubbadeh, March 09, 2009; in German).
"Der Trend zum Kreationismus ist ungebrochen" (by Oliver Trenkamp, February 20, 2009; in German).
INTERVIEW MIT HARUN YAHYA: "Alle Terroristen sind Darwinisten" (by Daniel Steinvorth, September 22, 2008; in German).
Widerruf nach 52 Jahren (by Jens Lubbadeh, October 27, 2007).
Bischof Mixa für Bibel-Kunde im Bio-Unterricht (July 12, 2007; in German).
Das Lexikon des Herrn March 02, 2007; by Christian Stöcker).
"Kultusministerin fällt auf Kreationisten herein" (October 31, 2006). Evolutionslehre ist "Durchbruch des Jahres" (December 23, 2005; in German). The "Science" ranking.
Jeder zweite Deutsche glaubt an Schöpfergott (December 20, 2005; in German).
Etappensieg für die Bibelfrommen (by Jochen Leffers, November 10, 2005; in German).
"Gott ist ein Witzbold" Letters to the editor, an annotated selection; October 20, 2005 (in German).
! Kreationisten in den USA - Mit Gottes Wort gegen die Wissenschaft (by Markus Becker, October 17, 2005; in German).
Thüringen lädt Evolutionskritiker aus (Oktober 11, 2005; in German). For more details see here (by Martin Neukamm, VdBiol).
"Böse Unterstellung" (Interview Dieter Althaus, September 26; in German)
CDU-Politiker Althaus bietet Kreationisten ein Forum (by Jens Radü, September 21, 2005, in German). See also:
Der Stern, G+J, Deutschlandfunk, Radio Vatikan, taz, Telepolis.

Der Standard, Austria (in German):
Der Missionar des Atheismus (by Klaus Taschwer, January 08, 2007).

Der Stern (a German newspaper):
Pinguine mit göttlicher Mission (Dezember 14, 2009; in German).
Kampf gegen Quacksalber und Kreationisten (May 3, 2008; in German).
Kreationismus "Der Schöpfer ist ein Käfermacher" (April 2, 2008; in German).
Am 23.10.4004 v. Chr. schuf Gott die Welt (July 09, 2007).
Und Gott schuf Adam, Eva und T-Rex (by Gisela Ostwald, May 29, 2007).
Sieg für Darwin (DPA, December 21, 2005; in German).
Althaus bietet Kritikern der Evolutionslehre ein Forum (September 21, 2005; in German).
Darwin gegen Gott (by Christiane Oelrich, DPA, July 18, 2005; in German).
Die Schöpfung nach Berlusconi (by Peer Meinert, DPA, April 27, 2004; in German).

Stuttgarter Zeitung (a German newspaper):
Kreationisten dürfen Schule betreiben (October 10, 2008; in German).
Heidelberg will keinen religiösen Spaßpark (by Johanna Eberhardt, June 05, 2008; in German).

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), a German newspaper:
"Dreifaltigkeit im Genom" (by Markus C. Schulte von Drach, April 19, 2010; in German).
Sieben Tage sind ihnen genug (by W. Rögener, February 26, 2009; in German).
Pädagogischer Sündenfall (by Julia Bönisch, February 25, 2009; in German).
Der ewige Fingerzeig Gottes (by Alex Rühle, July 22, 2007; in German).
Gott beweist: Darwin ist tot. (by Alex Rühle, July 02, 2007; in German).
! "Intelligent Design" ist weder Wissenschaft noch Religion (by Patrick Illinger, July 08, 2005; in German).
Der große Plan (by Patrick Illinger, March 02, 2005; in German).

Der Tagesspiegel, a German newspaper:
Darwins Zweifler (by Martin Gehlen, July 15, 2007; in German).
Im Anfang war die Nudel (July 2007; in German).

! The Talk.Origins Archive: is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. This archive is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in Go to: Frequently Asked Questions, and
! Other Web Sites. An excellent link directory.
See also here (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Talk.Reason. TalkReason provides a forum for the publication of papers with well-thought out arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics. Navigate from the Table of Contents or the Index of Titles.

Die Tageszeitung, taz (a German newspaper):
Dr. Kellner kommt ins Grübeln (by T. Havlicek, October 14, 2010; in German).
Ein Forum für Kreationisten (by Wolfgang Löhr, September 23, 2005; in German).
Im Anfang war der Teig (by Jan Feddersen, September 01, 2005; in German). About the "Flying Spaghetti Monster".
Heftige Debatte um Darwins Erbe (by Jan Pfaff, August 05, 2005; in German). American schools and "Intelligenten Design".
Darwin war unterkomplex (by M. Streck, May 04, 2005; in German).

P. Thagard and S. Findlay (2010): Getting to Darwin: Obstacles to Accepting Evolution by Natural Selection. In PDF, Science & Education.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. (The Telegraph Media Group):
Darwin, spot the monkey (by G.S. Mudur and Basant Kumar Mohanty, January 21, 2018).
Creationists hate me because I challenged Dan Walker´s appointment to BBC Breakfast (by Rupert Myers, February 15, 2016).
Dan Walker´s creationism is an affront to reason, science and logic (by Rupert Myers, February 11, 2016).
Creationism still taught in faith schools despite Government funding threat (by Javier Espinoza, May 02, 2015).
Creation Museum founder: Christmas Town "is God´s work against the devil" (by Philip Sherwell, December 24, 2014).
Stop trying to make a monkey out of Creationists. They have every right to be wrong (by Tim Stanley, July 17, 2013).
You don´t get to choose your own facts: however "moving" you find the creation story, evolution is still true (by Tom Chivers, July 16, 2013).
Creationist free schools can believe what they like, so long as they teach that humans are related to lobsters (by Tom Chivers, July 18, 2012).
"Creationism" in free schools: the whiff of a witch-hunt (by Damian Thompson, July 18, 2012).
Darwin´s Ghosts by Rebecca Stott: review (by Gillian Beer, May 07, 2012).
US scientists campaign for veto of "Monkey Bill" on creationism in Tennessee (by Rosa Prince, April 09, 2012).
Islam, Charles Darwin and the denial of science (by Steve Jones, December 03, 2011).
David Attenborough joins campaign against creationism in schools (by Nick Collins, September 19, 2011).
Creationism "banned from free schools" (by Stephen Adams, May 20, 2011).
Michael Gove "crystal clear" creationism is not science (March 22, 2011).
Christian zoo approved for school trips. A Christian zoo accused of promoting creationism has been endorsed by the Government as a top destination for school trips, it emerged today (by Graeme Paton, July 30, 2010).
Richard Dawkins among academics calling for compulsory evolution teaching at primary school. Evolution should be taught to all primary school pupils, according to leading scientists and academics (by Martin Beckford, June 19, 2010).
US creationists unswayed by evolution exhibition (by Virginie Montet, March 10, 2010).
God, creation, science, religion: the conflicts (by Tom Chivers, October 12, 2009).
Why Creation, the new Charles Darwin movie, needs to be shown in America (by Lucy Jones, September 16, 2009).
Creation film sparks evolution arguments. A film about the life of Charles Darwin, which will open the Toronto Film Festival, has sparked fresh debate on the theory of evolution (September 09, 2009).
Creationist Adnan Oktar offers trillion-pound prize for fossil proof of evolution (by Chris Irvine, September 29, 2008).
How Genesis crept back into the classroom (by Graeme Paton, November 28, 2006).
The academics who preach intelligent design (November 28, 2006).
"Pin-up boy for non-believers" goes on the offensive (November 28, 2006)

! Bruce H. Tiffney, UC Santa Barbara: What is Science? Tracking the course of evolution.

Time Online (in partnership with CNN):
The Pope and Darwin. Why Benedict XVI wants to talk about evolution, but won't tread into the U.S. battle over intelligent design (by Jeff Israely, August 31, 2006).
Junk medicine: creatonism (by Mark Henderson, February 11, 2006). How evolution can save lives.
Fanning the Controversy Over "Intelligent Design" (by M. Cooper, Washington, August 03, 2005). "By putting "intelligent design" on a par with evolutionary theory, President Bush goes further than any president has since Ronald Reagan advocated teaching creationism".
Doubting Darwinism (by J. Israely, Time Europe, August 01, 2005). One of the Pope's closest Cardinals is creating something of a row.
Let's have no more Monkey Trials (by C. Krauthammer, August 01, 2005). To teach faith as science is to undermine both.

Times Online, UK (The best of The Times and The Sunday Times):
Rabbis attack schools’ "lie" about Earth’s age (by Gabriel Pogrund, February 18, 2018).
Why anti-evolution movie has missed the point of science (by Robert Asher, Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge, February 17, 2010).
Creationism could be taught in schools under Tories, claims Ed Balls (by Tom Baldwin, November 21, 2009).
No evidence for evolution? Really? A staggering science journalism fail. (by Mark Henderson, September 13, 2009).
One in seven Britons believe in creationism over evolution (by Ruth Gledhill, June 30, 2009).
Put creationism on a par with evolution, say third of teachers (By Alexandra Frean, November 7, 2008).
Don´t get creative with facts when it comes to evolution (by Rod Liddle, September 14, 2008).
The creation of Creationism (by John Habgood, July 23, 2008).
Richard Dawkins slaps creationists into the primordial soup (by Kate Muir, July 19, 2008).
Creationist museum brings dinosaurs on board Noah´s Ark (by Tom Baldwin, May 28, 2007).
Creationism gains foothold in schools (by Christopher Morgan and Abul Taher, December 31, 2006).
Godless Dawkins challenges schools (by Steven Swinford, November 19, 2006).
A note to zealots: fundamentally, Charles Darwin was right all along (by Terence Kealey, October 30, 2006)
Ideology and science don´t mix (Letters to the Editor, October 17, 2006).
What I want for Christmas anti-religion rant (by Ruth Gledhill, October 14, 2006).
Comment: The need to believe (October 08, 2006).
Allowing religion and science to have a say (Letters to the Editor, June 26, 2006).
Creationism to be taught on GCSE science syllabus. (by Tony Halpin, March 10, 2006).
Voters eject school board that ordered creationist lessons (by David Charter, Washington, November 10, 2005).
Kansas schools take step against evolution (by Sam Knight and agencies, November 09, 2005).
A pope for our times: why Darwin is back on the agenda at the Vatican (by William Rees-Mogg, November 07, 2005).
Scientists protest as school chiefs put Darwin on trial. (by James Bone, New York, May 07, 2005).

Walther Umstätter, Institute for Library Science, Humboldt University Berlin: Die Wissenschaftlichkeit im Darwinismus (in German). Naturw. Rundsch., 21 (9), Beil.: Biologie Heute p. 4-6; 1990.

United Press International:
Texas rejects creationist science degree (April 24, 2008).
UK trust seeks land for Christian park. (December 16, 2007).
Intelligent design trial boosts ID text (October 31, 2005).

USA Today:
Democrats 'trust the science,' but only when it advances their agenda (by Christian Schneider, 2021).
Creationism support is at a new low. The reason should give us hope (by Tom Krattenmaker, July 13, 2017).
Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech (by Dave Boucher, November 1, 2015).
Common Core bill sparks creationism debate in Ohio (by Jessica Brown, August 23, 2014).
! The evolution of creationism (by David R. Montgomery, Quaternary Research Center and Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle). See also here (in PDF).
Film explores shifting debate over evolution (by Kimberly Winston, October 2011).

! AG Evolutionsbiologie, Verband deutscher Biologen (VdBiol). Go to Anti-Kreationismus (in German).
Provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine. See also:
Aktuelles (in German).

Voice of America (VOA). A United States government-funded multimedia news source and the official external broadcasting institution of the United States (providing news and information in more than 40 languages):
1925 Scopes Trial Pits Creationism Against Evolution (July 21, 2017).
Dispute About Teaching Evolution in Turkish Schools Escalates (July 03, 2017).
Pope Benedict Says Theory of Evolution Cannot be Dismissed (November 01, 2009).

Volkswagenstiftung, Germany (website by Evolutionsbiologie in Deutschland neu verankern (in German). A new initiative about evolution biology.

P. Wagner-Egger et al. (2018): Creationism and conspiracism share a common teleological bias. Abstract, Current Biology, 18. See also here (in PDF).

The Wall Street Journal:
Science and Creationism in Serious Colleges (by Steve Pettit, March 11, 2021).
A Compromise on Creationism (by S. Joshua Swamidass, March 4, 2021).
! Americans Feeling More Divided as a Nation than Any Time since The Civil Rights Era, Second Annual Atlantic/Aspen American Values Survey Finds (June 28, 2013).
"Nearly half (48 percent) of Americans believe in a combination of evolution and creationism, while 29 percent believe in creationism alone, and 20 percent believe only in evolution".
A "Critique" of Evolution Proposed in Oklahoma (by Sam Favate, January 23, 2012).

D. Warmflash (2017), Genetic Literacy Project (GLP): GLP explores the intersection of DNA research and real world applications of genetics with the media and policy worlds in order to disentangle science from ideology.
! How to teach evolution when students hold creationist views.

Thomas Waschke, Herborn: Übersetzte Artikel. Selected aricles from, in German.

Washington Post:
Opinion: Do taxpayers have to fund religious education? The Supreme Court may say yes (by Rachel Laser, December 5, 2021).
The persistence of creationism shows losing could make Trumpism more extreme (by Adam Laats, Dec. 9, 2020).
The case for historians being more engaged in public affairs, not less (Adam Laats, December 24, 2019).
Intelligent design gets even dumber (by Jerry A. Coyne, March 08, 2019).
Bill Nye takes on creationists and science deniers (by Erin Blakemore, April 15, 2018).
If we want this nation to succeed, we can't put facts up for dispute (by John Edward Porter, July 2017).
A giant ark is just the start. These creationists have a bigger plan for recruiting new believers (by Karen Heller, May 24, 2017).
The March for Science was a moment made for Bill Nye (by Caitlin Gibson, April 23, 2017).
Now there´s a theory that dinosaurs were wiped out in Noah´s flood (by Vicky Hallett, December 30, 2016).
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Why evolution is right and creationism is wrong (by N. Szokan, November 11, 2014.
The Insiders: Creationism and the challenge of faith (by C. Eskew, March 24, 2014).
Christian school: "atheist controversy" over creationist quiz may keep academy open (by Valerie Strauss, May 16, 2013).
Fourth-grade creationist science quiz: Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago - False (by Valerie Strauss, May 14, 2013).
Four reasons why teachers should not teach creationism (by Valerie Strauss, February 22, 2013).
Creationism: Why are Republicans afraid of science? Ask Senator Rubio. (November 20, 2012).
Ben Carson´s creationist views spark controvery over commencement speech (by Valerie Strauss, May 08, 2012).
Re that Mathews notion on evolution: Oy vey, Jay (by Valerie Strauss, January 13, 2012).
New Hampshire´s 2012 anti-evolution legislation (and the shocking thing a sponsor said). By Valerie Strauss, January 06, 2012.
No Gov. Perry, schools can´t teach religion as science, even in Texas (by Charles C. Haynes, August 25, 2011).
American teachers display cowardice on evolution (by Susan Jacoby, June 01, 2011).
High school senior leads Louisiana fight against anti-evolution law (by Valerie Strauss, April 22, 2011).
Teaching theology in public schools, and other "scientific controversies" (by David Waters, March 04, 2011).
Study: Most high school biology teachers don´t endorse evolution (by Valerie Strauss, January 29, 2011).
The evolution of a Christian creationist Good News! Young evangelicals are shifting their allegiance (by Rachel Held Evans, August 06, 2010).
God and Darwin: still fighting after 85 years (by Brad Hirschfield, July 14, 2010).
Genetics researcher Francisco Ayala discusses his life, his work and creationism (by Rachel Saslow, April 27, 2010).
In Turkey, fertile ground for creationism. U.S. critics of evolution help translate their ideas for a society already torn between Islam and secularism (by Marc Kaufman, November 8, 2009).
Two Strains of Creationism. (by Keith Wojciech, March 21, 2009).
Darwin the Liberator "How evolutionary thought undermined the rationale for slavery". (by Adrian Desmond & James Moore, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 448 pp.). Book review by Thomas Hayden, February 15, 2009. Read: Chapter one, an Excerpt of 'Darwin's Sacred Cause'
Evolving Toward a Compromise (by Amy Binder and John H. Evans, July 26, 2008).
Waging War on Evolution (by Paul A. Hanle, Biotechnology Institute; October 1, 2006).
God, Under a Microscope. Biologist preaches that religion and science can coexist (by Richard N. Ostling, July 22, 2006).
The War That Wasn't. Science and religion have often stood together (by Alan Cutler, January 8, 2006).
The Evolution Debate (by Michael Powell, October 5, 2005).
What's Not Evolving Is Public Opinion (by Scott Keeter, October 2, 2005)
Intimidation Alleged On "Intelligent Design" (by Michael Powell, September 28, 2005).
! Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens (by Peter Slevin, March 14, 2005).

The Washington Times:
Faith film "Genesis: Paradise Lost" shows creation story in 3-D (by Tom Quimby, November 12, 2017).
On teaching evolution: New year, old fight 2 bills want it taught as theory (by Ben Wolfgang, January 01, 2012).

Die Welt, (a German newspaper):
Das Gehirn -- der Designer Gottes (by Wolfgang Schneider, June 26, 2010).
Die Macht der Magie (by Norbert Lossau, December 20, 2008; in German).
Darwin erklärt das Entstehen des Menschen nicht (by Norbert Lossau, December 20, 2008; in German).
Kreationisten wollen Freizeitpark in Deutschland (May 30, 2008, in German).
Muslimische Kreationisten (May 27, 2008, in German).
Jeder achte US-Lehrer unterrichtet Kreationismus (May 21, 2008, in German).
Wider die bizarren Lehren der Kreationisten (April 30, 2008; in German).
Der Allmächtige erobert den Bio-Unterricht (by Till-R. Stoldt, April 20, 2008).
Europäisches Gremium verurteilt Kreationismus (October 05, 2007).
Europarat will Kreationismus nicht verdammen (by C. Neuhaus, June 26, 2007; in German).
Krippenspiel und Jurassic Park (May 30, 2007).
Schöpfungslehre für Bibel-Fundamentalisten (May 29, 2007).

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
! Creation and evolution in public education.
Scopes Trial.

Wikipedia, the free-content encyclopedia:
Evolution and the Roman Catholic Church,
History of creationism,
Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District,
Barbara Forrest,
Intelligent Design.
! "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution." The mantra of evolutionary biology, by C.T. Dobzhansky.
Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. "Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is a satirical parody religion created to protest the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to allow intelligent design to be taught in science classes alongside evolution". Also worth checking out:
The German Wikipedia pages, Kreationismus,
Richard Dawkins "The Blind Watchmaker - Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design"

Donald U. Wise, Department of Geology, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA: Creationism's Propaganda Assault on Deep Time and Evolution. Abstract available, Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol. 49 (1): pp. 30-35.
"This article summarizes the Flood-Creation timeline and the efforts of the ICR (the Institute for Creation Research) to spread their beliefs, and suggests that scientists persuade the public to consider the old-earth geologic timeline by agreeing that there is more than one way to look at Earth history, and that there are many religious perspectives, many of which are compatible with a belief in evolution" (Citation and description from the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College).

Robert Wright, Slate (Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive Co. LLC): The "New" Creationism.

Die Zeit (an excellent German newspaper):
"Fliegendes Spaghettimonster" Glaube, Liebe, Nudeln (December 12, 2014).
Ist Darwin Schuld am Holocaust? (by Gerti Schön, April 24, 2008)
Kreationisten, manipulierte Idioten? (April 14, 2008).
Adam und Eva im Biologieuntericht (July 2007, In German).
Päpstlicher als der Papst (by Stefan Schmitt, December 2005, in German).
Keile für Darwin (by Eva von Schaper, December 2005, in German).
Darwin vor Gericht (by Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, October 27, 2005; in German).
Waffenstillstand? Unmöglich (by Salman Rushdie, September 29, 2005; in German). See also here (Toronto Star, May 23, 2005).
Immer Ärger mit den Verwandten (by Urs Willmann, September 29, 2005; in German). About the evolution exhibition, Hygiene-Museum, Dresden.
Darwins kluge Erben (by Andreas Sentker, September 29, 2005; in German). See also here (vdbiol news, October 01, 2005).
High Noon in Dayton. (by Philipp Gassert and Ole Wangerin, Heidelberg Center for American Studies; August 11, 2005; in German).
Gott pfuscht auch. (by Steve Jones, Department of Biology, University College London (UCL), London; August 11, 2005; in German). A critical article about methods and thinking of the creationists.
Reaktionäre Predigt - Was der Wiener Erzbischof von der Evolutionsbiologie hält (by Stefan Schmitt, July 15, 2005; in German).
Der Altmeister erklärt die Evolution. (by Axel Meyer, Department of Biology, Evolutionary Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany; January 08, 2004; in German). About Ernst Mayr.
Entwürfe in Gottes Namen. (by Urs Willmann, April 30, 2003; in German). The dilemma concerning Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig´s websites, anciently hosted by "Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung", Cologne.

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