The 2nd Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 2nd Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Heerlen, The Netherlands, 8th of November 1990

[*] BEETS, D.J.: The impact of sea level rise on facies development in the coastal plain of Holland

[*] BRUGMAN, W.A.: Palynofacies analysis: Introduction to "Palynology Total"

[*] MATHES-SCHMIDT, M.: The paleoenvironmental situation of the Geverik-boring (Visean, S-Limburg, Netherlands)

[*] PAGNIER, H. & Van AMEROM, H.W.J.: Palaeoecological trends and climate in Upper Carboniferous red beds (Westphalian D/Steph.??) of the Netherlands

[*] SPICER, R.A.: Plant remains as sedimentary particles

[*] Van der BURGH, J.: An Upper Miocene leaf flora and its ecological interpretation

[*] Van der ZWAN, C.J.: Triassic palynology and climatology

[*] WILDE, V. & RIEGEL, W.: Palaeoecological results from coals and associated sedimentary sequences

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