The 5th Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 5th Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Liège, Belgium, 19th of November 1993.

[*] BOYD, A.: Leaf taphonomy of the Late Cretaceous Pautût Flora from west Greenland

[*] DUPUIS, C.: The geological environment of the Neogene floras of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse and Condroz (Belgium)

[*] EDWARDS, D.: Taphonomy and Old Red Sandstone plants

[*] FERGUSON, D.K.: The aerodynamics of dissemination, past and present

[*] GRAUVOGEL-STAMM, L.: An in-situ flora from the Lower Triassic of Germany

[*] HARDY, M.: Factors controlling the organic content in Westphalian siliciclastic continental sediments

[*] MARTINETTO, E.: Quantitative analyses of palaeocarpological assemblages in the Pliocene freshwater sediments of the Stura river

[*] RABOLD, J.M., GASTALDO, R.A. & FERGUSON, D.K.: Plant taphonomic models: The key to the palaeoecology of ancient coastal wetlands. An overview of a new project

[*] REMY, W., HASS, H. & REMY, D.: Taphonomic aspects of the development of the early palaeobiogeosphere - Part II

[*] ROCHE, M. & MONTEIL, E.: Actual benthic dinoflagellates: A key to explain the restricted distribution of two new dinoflagellate cysts in the "Grès rhétiens" Formation (Rhaetian, Upper Triassic) of the Paris Basin (France)

[*] RÖSSLER, R. & FISHER, F.: Taphonomic patterns of the petrified forest of Chemnitz

[*] THÉVENARD, F.: Plant organic matter bed deposits during the Hettangian-Sinemurian stages of the Causses basin (South of France)

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