The 4th Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 4th Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Münster (Hans Kerp), Germany, 2nd of December 1992

[*] COLLINSON, M.E.: Taphonomic aspects of fruits and seeds

[*] GEE, C. & SANDER, M.: The formation of fruit and seed assemblages in recent fluvial systems: A case study

[*] HOFMANN, C.-C.: Faunal and floral assemblages in Upper Carboniferous paralic sediments

[*] KELBER, K.-P.: Recognition of phytotaphonomical patterns: An additional tool to taxonomic identification

[*] RABOLD, J.M.: A sub-fossil standing forest in an exhumed flood plain of the Orinoco River

[*] REMY, W., HASS, H. & REMY, D.: Taphonomic aspects of the development of the early palaeobiogeosphere

[*] SPICER, R.A.: Taphonomy of volcanic deposits

[*] WILDE, V. & RIEGEL, W.: Sedimentology, palaeoecology and taphonomy in a section from the Middle Eocene of the Helmstedt area

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