The 7th Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 7th Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Texel, The Netherlands, 11th of November 1995

[*] BRIGGS, D.E.G.: Preservation of animal cuticles: diagenetic transformation or replacement from plant sources?

[*] EGLINTON, G.: The Clarkia plant fossils

[*] HOFMANN, C.-C., ZETTER, R. & FERGUSON, D.K.: The palynology of the Orinoco delta - 36 years after Jan Muller

[*] SANDER, M. & GEE, C.: Carpodeposits of the Sieg River revisited: Lessons from the 1995 floods

[*] Van BERGEN, P. et al.: A taphonomic bias caused by differences in chemical compositions: fruits and seeds as a test case

[*] DE LEEUW, J.W.: Roundtable discussion on biomacromolecules

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