The 9th Plant Taphonomy Meeting

The 9th Plant Taphonomy Meeting was held in Utrecht (Wolfram Kürschner), The Netherlands, 21-22nd November 1998

A Report of the 9th Plant Taphonomy Meeting by Lenny Kouwenberg, The Stuifmail.

[*] BORSBOOM, A., KOUWENBERG, L. & KÜRSCHNER, W.M.: Linking the present with the past

[*] CHALONER, W.: Do spores squash like whole plants?

[*] DIÉGUEZ, C. & HERNÁNDEZ, J.M.: Biostratinomic processes in the Late Jurassic flora from Villela

[*] FALCON-LANG, H.: A Carboniferous upland flora

[*] GEE, C.: The intertwined taphonomic history of plants and animals, particularly of the Cricetidae and Castanopsis. Or a Miocene hamster and his nuts

[*] HEMSLEY, A.: Carboniferous coal swamp bryophytes: where are they?

[*] HUNT, R.: Biodiversity and palaeoclimatic significance of Early Tertiary fossil floras in Antarctica

[*] JANSSEN, C.R.: Taphonomy of sporomorphs in terrestrial environments and its consequences for the detection of spatial reconstruction of vegetation and for research strategy

[*] KERP, H. & HASS, H.: Plants, substrates and preservation in the Lower Devonian Rhynie Chert plants

[*] LOOY, C. & COLLINSON, M.E.: Questioning P-T boundary tetrads

[*] RÖSSLER, R.: The Late Palaeozoic tree fern Psaronius - an outstanding ecosystem

[*] RUNDGREN, M., BEERLING, D. & LOADER, N.J.: Interpreting climate signals from d13C of Holocene fossils: Quantifying diagenetic impacts

[*] Van BERGEN, P. & POOLE, I.: Use and misuse of C isotopes in wood

[*] VERSTEEGH, G.: Taphonomy of Dinoflagellate cysts

[*] FERGUSON, D.K. et al.: Round table discussion

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