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On the art of attending conferences

Warren Abrahamson, Abrahamson Lab, Department of Biology, Bucknell University: Biology/Animal Behavior 356/656, Suggestions for Effective Oral Presentations (PDF file), and Suggestions for Effective Writing (Powerpoint file).

The American Society for Cell Biology (supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute): Cell Biology Education. A Journal of Life Science Education. Go to: Points of View: Lectures: Can't Learn With Them, Can't Learn Without Them. A Combination of Lectures, Problem Sets, and Recitation Sections Is an Excellent Way To Teach Undergraduate Cell Biology at a High Level (by Harvey F. Lodish and Roberto K. Rodriguez), and Talking Biology: Learning Outside the Book—and the Lecture (by Daniel J. Klionsky).

Robert A. Bartsch and Kristi M. Cobern (2003): Effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations in lectures. PDF file, Computers and Education, 41: 77-86.

Gordon Beakes (2002): A picture is worth a thousand words. A personal view of using images in the teaching of the biological sciences. PDF file. Provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Mark A. Garland, Tallahassee, Florida: Scientific Names of Plants. A pronunciation guide for scientific Latin.

ISTA OnLine: Some web-links which may provide tips and information for your next presentation.

Derek Keats & Alan Millar, Botany Department, University of the Western Cape, South Africa: Giving a scientific talk: A guide for botanists.

Richard A. Laws, Center for Marine Sciences, and Department of Earth Sciences, University of North Carolina, Wilmington: Technical Communication (PDF files). The purpose of this lectures is to improve the level of proficiency in written and oral communication techniques and skills.

M.C. Miller, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland: The Ten Commandments of Presentations and Further hints on giving talks. In PDF.

Bruce T. Milne, Biology, University of New Mexico: Tips for a Good Scientific Talk.

National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.: On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research. This report guides readers to several issues of scientific integrity and ethics including values in science.

Peter Norvig: PowerPoint: shot with its own bullets. The Lancet, 362: 9381. See also here (PDF file).

Bernt Schnettler et al. (2007): Die Powerpoint-Präsentation. Zur Performanz technisierter mündlicher Gattungen in der Wissensgesellschaft. PDF file, in German.

! Stanford University: Postdoctoral Education at Stanford. See especially: Scientific Management Series. Go to: Sue McConnell, Powerpoint basics. In PDF.

! Kurt Tucholsky (website by "Ratschläge für einen schlechten Redner", including "Ratschläge für einen guten Redner" (in German).

E.R. Tufte (2003): The cognitive style of PowerPoint. PDF file.

JoAnne Yates and Wanda Orlikowski: The PowerPoint Presentation and Its Corollaries: How Genres Shape Communicative Action in Organizations. PDF file.

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