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Creating Powerpoint Presentations

ACT360 Media Ltd.: PowerPoint in the Classroom. An easy to understand tutorial.

Robert A. Bartsch and Kristi M. Cobern (2003): Effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations in lectures. PDF file, Computers and Education, 41: 77-86.

Bit Better Corporation: PowerPoint Tips & Tricks.

S. Brock and Y. Joglekar (2011): Empowering PowerPoint: Slides and Teaching Effectiveness.

Chip Online: Jenseits der Folien (by Roland Freist).
Die besten PowerPoint-Alternativen.
Powerpoint-Viewer 14.0.
About Powerpoint presentations (in German). See especially for download:
! PowerPoint Viewer (in German).

dmoz: Computers > Software > Presentation > Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint For Presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials.

Florida Gulf Coast University: Powerpoint 2000 Tutorial.

Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen, Esslingen, Germany: Tutorial PowerPoint 2000 (in German).

Don McMillan, YouTube: Life After Death by Powerpoint.

! Basic tasks in PowerPoint 2010. See also MicrosoftOffice:mac:
Powerpoint basics.

! PowerPoint Viewer 2007. PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. 5 Alternativen zu PowerPoint Slide Show Converter (in German).

Peter Norvig: PowerPoint: shot with its own bullets. The Lancet, 362: 9381. See also here (PDF file).

Dave Paradi, Mississauga, Canada:
Dave Paradi´s PowerPoint Blog.

Powerpoint-FAQ (in German).

! Prezi. Prezi (a zooming presentation editor) lets you bring your ideas into one space and see how they relate, helping you and your audience connect. Zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to see details. For more information see here (New York Times) and there.

! The PowerPoint FAQ. See especially: Tips, Techniques, Tutorials.

Department of Computer Science at The University of Rhode Island: PowerPoint Tutorial.

W. Schlaich, Freiburg: Powerpoint basics. Powerpoint presentation, in German. See also here.

Bernt Schnettler et al. (2007): Die Powerpoint-Präsentation. Zur Performanz technisierter mündlicher Gattungen in der Wissensgesellschaft. PDF file, in German.

Spiegel Online: Bye, bye Folien About Prezi, SlideRocket and Zoho Show. Alternative software to Powerpoint (in German).

! Stanford University: Postdoctoral Education at Stanford. See especially: Scientific Management Series. Go to: Sue McConnell, Powerpoint basics. In PDF.

! Free Download PowerPoint Viewer 2010. Like PowerPoint 2007 Viewer, this free PPT Viewer lets you view presentations created using PowerPoint 97 and later versions.

! E.R. Tufte (2003): The cognitive style of PowerPoint. In PDF.

! E. Tufte (2003): PowerPoint is evil. Wired Magazine. See also here (in PDF). PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials (in German)

Wired Digital, Inc.: Learning to Love PowerPoint.

JoAnne Yates and Wanda Orlikowski: The PowerPoint Presentation and Its Corollaries: How Genres Shape Communicative Action in Organizations. PDF file.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Microsoft PowerPoint.

J.A. Yates and W. Orlikowski (2007): The PowerPoint Presentation and Its Corollaries: How Genres Shape Communicative Action in Organizations. In PDF.

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