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Natural Stones

Abraxas Pubblishing House, Hasede, Germany: Klaus Börner and Detlev Hill, Natural Stone Database. Only limited online access.

Deutsches Natursteinarchiv, Steinzentrum Wunsiedel, Germany. The German Natural Stone Archive in Wunsiedel has more than 5.600 stone samples from over 100 countries on display.
See also here, and there (Wikipedia).

Olaf Otto Dillmann, Geowissenschaftlicher Dienst: Die Welt der Gesteine: Einteilung der Gesteine / Petrographie (Gesteinskunde). In German., Mumbai (Bombay), India. A marketplace for buildingstones. Go to: Material Photographs.

Heike Kirsten (2009): Herkunft, Eigenschaften und Konservierungsmöglichkeiten von Lettenkeuper- und Schilfsandsteinen an Baudenkmalen in Thüringen. In PDF. Characterisation of Keuper sandstones (in German).
See also here. Go to: Links.

Natural Stone Russia: World Stone and Firms Databases.

Naturstein Netzwerk. A forum for the natural stone line in German-speaking countries.

Peggy Barriskill Perazzo and George P. (Pat) Perazzo, California: Stone Quarries and Beyond. This site is set up basically as general links and information on USA stone quarries, stone workers and dealers, and the finished products listed by state/country and locale. In addition to listings of quarries and quarry information for each state/country, separate subjects within the state/country sections are also included, such as geology, research resources, and each state's stone industry, if there is (or was) one.

Steine in der Stadt A network, in German.
Also worth checking out: J.H. Schroeder et al.: Stones in the City - a Network (in German).
Still available via Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

S. Siegesmund et al. (2022): Weathering phenomena, rock physical properties and long-term restoration intervention: a case study from the St. Johannis Chapel of Lütgenrode (Lower Saxony, Germany). Open access, Environmental Earth Sciences, 81.
About the petrophysical properties of Triassic sandstones, especially the Schilfsandstein. Stone Album. A comprehensive, searchable compilation of images of natural stones. The album is categorized by stone types - Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone and Slate. Also worth checking out: Monument & Artifacts Album. This album is categorized by the various types of Monuments, Artifacts, and Stone-crafts etc.

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