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Glossaries, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: Botany

First of All ...
! Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research (CPBR): Botanical Glossaries. Snapshot taken by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine. This website gives access to glossaries of botanical terms on the Internet. Excellent! Ltd.: Free Dictionaries & Glossaries. Go to: Biology.

The Glossarist. A compendium of glossaries on various subjects so you can find the best definitions of terms in which you are interested. Snapshot available by the Internet Archive´s Wayback. Go to:

Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Palynology and its geological applications. A version archived by Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Worth checking out: The Glossary.

! Tom Linder, Nuembrecht, Germany: Botanisches Glossar, alphabetisch, and Botanisches Glossar, thematisch (in German).

! N. Pérez-Harguindeguy et al. (2013): New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide. In PDF, Australian Journal of Botany, 61: 167-234.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
! Category:Online botany databases.
Category:Plant taxonomy.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
! Category:Glossaries of botany.

1Up Info (part of the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Columbia University Press): Encyclopedia. An online encyclopedia with numerous articles on many topics. Go to: Plants and Animals, and Botany, General Articles (including pronunciation keys), or: Plants Articles.

! A database of reference materials, round 52,000 articles. Go to: Botany, and Plants.

John R. Anderson, Georgia Perimeter College Geology: The World of Geology, Prefix/Suffix Meanings. Website saved by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.
See also here.

! The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition, 2000. Category: Botany. With sound pronunciation. Excellent!

Phil A. Arneson, Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (maintained by Kathie T. Hodge): On-Line Glossary of of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology. Clicking on the speaker icon will give you the pronunciation of the term.

Prepared by Ralph Bailey, Garden Editor, House & Garden (Copyright 1948, 1962); by the Literary Guild of America, Inc. (website hosted by Chuck Walker's Traveling Herbarium): The Self-pronouncing Dictionary of Plant Names: abbreviatus to durius. (Revised Edition).

! Natural History Museum, University of California, Berkeley (by Allen Collins et al.): UCMP Glossary. For practicing biologists and paleontologists in various fields. You may also browse by volume: Go to: Phylogenetics, or Botany.

Botany.Com, the Encyclopedia of Plants: Dictionary of Botanical Words.

! B & T World Seeds, France: Botanical Glossary. An alphabetical listing of over 800 botanical terms and their meanings, hypertexed for rapid reference.

Sean Carrington, Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Barbados: THE PLANT KINGDOM. An introduction to the world of plants from an evolutionary perspective.
Still available via Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Sean Carrington, Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Barbados, THE PLANT KINGDOM (a version archived by Internet Archive Wayback Machine): GLOSSARY OF TECHNICAL TERMS.

! Curtis Clark, Biological Sciences Department California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: Plant Morphology. Resources, PDF files.
Website outdated. The link is to a version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

M.D. Crisp, Division of Botany and Zoology Australian National University Canberra: Introductory Glossary of Cladistic Terms. Invited contribution of the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB).
Website outdated. The link is to a version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Jim Croft, Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Australian National Botanic Gardens: A Short Botanical Glossary.

! The Cycad Society: Glossary of Cycad Terms. Consisting of two parts: Illustrated Glossary of Cycad Terms, and Expanded Glossary of Cycad Terms (PDF file).

! Owen Davis, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ: Palynology Definitions.

Michel Desfayes, Fully, Switzerland ("the irrepressible compiler"):
Plant names in English dialects. A compilation of plant names published in Wright´s English dialect dictionary.

Beth Ellis et al. (2009): Manual of Leaf Architecture. Book announcement. The link is to a version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.
! See also here and there. Botany and Paleobotany Dictionary.

! Norbert und Doris Fischer, Mainz, Germany: Excavation Dictionary. A German-English English-German collection of technical terms in excavation technology and archaeology.

! Karen Fletcher and Bob Riffle (provided by LON-CAPA): Glossary of roots of botanical names. See also here.

! FloraBase: Glossary of Botanical Terms. Sourced from: Flora of the Perth Region, Parts I and II (1987), Flora of the Kimberley (1992) and The Western Australian Flora - A Descriptive Catalogue (2000).

GARDENWEB: Glossary of Botanical Terms. This glossary currently contains over 1,600 terms relating to botany and horticulture.

Mark A. Garland, Tallahassee, Florida: Scientific Names of Plants. A pronunciation guide for scientific Latin.

! Chuck Griffith: A Dictionary of Botanical Epithets.

! Jody L. Haynes: Expanded Glossary of Cycad Terms. In PDF, The Cycad Society.

Jones and Bartlett Publishers, BotanyLinks: On-Line Glossary. An enhanced version of the full glossary from "Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology", 2e, by James D. Mauseth, containing over 1,000 terms of which 233 also include related illustrations.

Gerhard Leubner, The Seed Biology Place, Molecular Plant Sciences, University Freiburg, Germany: Seed dictionary English-German.

! Tom Linder, Nuembrecht, Germany: Botanisches Glossar, alphabetisch, and Botanisches Glossar, thematisch (in German). (a website by Gene McCarthy, focusing on biology and evolutionary theory):
Online Biology Dictionary. A free, concise, illustrated dictionary of biology and medicine. Find definitions of biological terminology.
Suffix Prefix Dictionary. Definitions of biological and medical affixes.
Root word dictionary. Find the meanings of Greek and Latin root words commonly used in constructing biological and medical terminology.

The Merck Manuals: Pronunciations.

! Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis: Bryological Glossary. GLOSSARIUM POLYGLOTTUM BRYOLOGIAE: A multilingual glossary for bryology. Originally published in Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden Vol. 33, 297 pp. 1990. The multilingual Glossary was created so that bryologists and others could avoid misinterpretations of literature, and general confusion resulting from a lack of standardized terms. The terms are listed alphabetically, and include Latin entries, as well as French, German, and Spanish translations. Excellent!

The New York Botanical Garden (the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium):
! Glossary for Vascular Plants. The purpose of this glossary is to provide definitions of botanical terminology and descriptions.
You may also try the alphabetical list of terms.

! The North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS): Dictionary ±of Specific Epithets.

Peter Ommundsen, Selkirk College, Canada: Pronunciation of Biological Latin. Including taxonomic names of plants and animals. See also here (PDF file).

! Omnilexica (by Lucian Velea). This website provides definitions and encyclopedic content, pronunciation and usage examples (including vernacular and scientific names), from a large variety of English dictionaries and encyclopedias, e.g. from WordNet, Oxford Dictionaries, Cambridge Dictionaries, Merriam-Webster´s Dictionaries, American Heritage Dictionaries, Wikipedia, and Wiktionary.

! Department of Plant Sciences, Oxford University: Virtual Field Herbarium. Thousands of images of plants, especially tropical ones. Go to: Plant Characteristics - Glossaries and Jargon. A list of specialist words which might be used in field guides.

! Plant Ontology Consortium (POC). The main objective of the POC is to develop, curate and share controlled vocabularies (ontologies) that describe plant structures and growth and developmental stages, providing a semantic framework for meaningful cross-species queries across databases. Go to: Search, or visit the
Plant Ontology Tutorials (Quicktime movies or Powerpoint slides).

W. Punt, S. Blackmore, S. Nilsson and A. Le Thomas (a project of the Working Group on Palynological Terminology, under the auspices of the International Federation of Palynological Societies (IFPS). Second and revised edition by Peter Hoen, Department of Palaeobotany & Palynology, University of Utrecht: Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology. The objective of the project has been to provide a concise manual of terminology that can be used to clarify the communication of information concerning pollen grains and spores.

! (by Max Antheunisse and Jan Koeman). is a completely non-commercial website. On top you see 2 search boxes at the right. The white one is for entering scientific names, the grey one for vernacular ones.
You may likewise navigate from:
the List of currently included artists.
Don't miss the useful link list

Quizlet LLC: Plant Anatomy and Physiology.

! A.E. Radford, W.C. Dickison, J.R. Massey, C.R. Bell, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Vascular Plant Systematics. This book was actually written as a reference text for basic courses in taxonomy and as a source book of information, procedures and references for ecosystematics, biosystematics, phylosystematics and chemosystematics. Now available: The morphological glossary. In this glossary the authors have arranged the terms into structural parts and general characters and character states.

! James L. Reveal, Norton-Brown Herbarium, University of Maryland: FindIT, Links to Web Sites of Botanical Interest, Dictionaries. Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology - Life Sciences - e.g. Biology, Botany, Cell Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Molecular Biology, Systematics, etc. Excellent!

! Alison Roberts, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI: Plant Anatomy BIO 311. To view photomicrographs of plant anatomy slides, visit the Lab review slides section.
! Don´t miss the Glossary.
These expired links are available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

! Malcolm L. Sargent, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, and Diane H. Lucas, Wellington, OH:
A Perspective Oriented Guide for the Identification of North American Bryophyte Genera. The goal of this guide is to give perspective on the characters used in the identification of mosses.
! Don´t miss the useful Glossary.

ScaleNet, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): Glossary of systematics and nomenclature terms. Terms pertaining mainly to zoological nomenclature.

Michael Sheehan: Word Parts Dictionary: Standard and Reverse Listings of Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots and Combining Forms DOC file. see also here. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag:
Online Lexika. A variety of searchable Encyclopedias (in German). Go to:
! Lexikon der Geowissenschaften.
! Lexikon der Biologie.
! Kompaktlexikon der Biologie. Biology knowledge in a nutshell. See for instance:

Thomas Stebler, Switzerland: Pollen-Wiki (in German). Worth checking out:
! Glossar.

! P.F. Stevens, University of Missouri, St Louis, and Missouri Botanical Garden: Angiosperm Phylogeny Website. Go to: Glossary.

Dave L. Sutton, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale: Aquatic and Wetland Plant Glossary.

Tarleton State University, (by A. Nelson (?)), Stephenville, Texas A&M University System:
Plant Evolution and Diversity. Powerpoint presentation.

UNL AgNIC Plant Sciences Page. From the Libraries of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), and the Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC). This page contains links to (chiefly biological) dictionaries, glossaries and similar reference tools.

! Dave Whitinger Dave's Garden network, the Plants Database): Botanary. Here you can look up a plant name, discover its meaning and find a guide to pronouncing it.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
! Category:Glossaries of botany.
! Glossary of leaf morphology.
! Glossary of plant morphology.
! Glossary of scientific naming.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Category:Glossaries of botany.
! Glossary of plant morphology.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
! Category:Online botany databases.
Category:Plant taxonomy.

! Laurence D. Zuckerman, Omar Alvarado, and Michael W. Davidson, The Florida State University (website hosted by Molecular Expressions, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory): The Tree Collection. Cross, radial, and tangential sections of about 50 common US woods, including the Glossary of Terms.

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