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Book Price Comparison Book search and price comparison (more than 40 online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.).
Find used books and compare book prices from over 100,000 booksellers worldwide. is a free innovative service of finding the best price on a purchase of several books together. It allows people to search for books, add them to a virtual cart and finally find the best overall price for the total contents of the cart, among over 30 online stores.

! FetchBook.Info. FetchBook.Info is a free service aimed to provide the best shopping tools for book buyers, it is a quick and easy way to compare prices of new and used books among dozens of bookstores.

DirectTextbook. Find&xnbsp;new and cheap used&xnbsp;college textbooks.

John (?): How to find the best deals for used books. See also: Used books comparison engines.

! Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB). Available books in German.

! Christian Weißpfennig, Schweinfurt, Germany: A book search and price comparison engine (in German).

! (in German).
Portal for selling books, CDs etc.

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