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Meta Indexes for Journals Online

First of all...

Google Directory:
Science > Biology > Botany > Publications > Journals.
Science > Earth Sciences > Paleontology > Publications > Journals.
Science > Biology > Evolution > Publications > Journals.
Science > Earth Sciences > Publications > Journals. Viewing in Google PageRank order.

nature web debates: Future e-access to the primary literature. There has been considerable debate about many aspects of the future of the electronic literature, including ways to improve access to the scientific literature, proposals for making research papers free, and changing the application of copyright.

incites (an editorial component of ISI Essential Science Indicators from ISI, Philadelphia, PA): Journals Ranked by Impact: Paleontology.

! ISI Web of Knowledge, The Thomson Corporation. Go to: Journal Citation Reports. Journal performance metrics, including impact factor. See also: Science Citation Index Expanded. You can view a list of all journals covered in a specific category or find a specific journal by title, title words, or ISSN.

National Library of Australia: Australian Journals. This is a current listing of over 900 Australian electronic journals, magazines, webzines, e-mail fanzines, etc. of all topics.

! Museum of Paleontology (UCMP), University of California at Berkeley: Paleontological Publications. Link page without annotations. Phylogenetics Publications, and Natural History Journals and Newsletters.

! Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The Directory of Open Access Journals is a service that indexes and provides access to quality, peer reviewed Open Access research journals, periodicals and their articles' metadata.

Elsevier, Amsterdam: The Academic Press Geoscience Web site. A comprehensive list of books, multi-volume reference works, and journals about Geoscience.

EuroWeb: Public Online Kiosk. A journal directory. In German.

The Exploratorium, San Francisco, The Learning Studio: Science Literature.

! Mark Francek, Woldt Residential College, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI: RESOURCES FOR EARTH SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY INSTRUCTION. The links are organized around the sequence of topics typically taught in an introductory earth science or physical geography class. Links are also available for environmental science, earth science/geography education, career opportunities, and more. The sites selected are based on image quality, ease with which lesson plans can be developed, organization, authenticity, scope, and format. Go to: Journals and Magazines.

Frontiers in Bioscience: JOURNAL NAME ABBREVIATION, ISSN NUMBER AND COVERAGE. In this section, name abbreviations, ISSNs and areas of coverage of scientific journals are presented. You can use either a list or the search form to find the journal abbreviation.

! Google Directory: Science > Earth Sciences > Paleontology > Publications > Journals, and Science > Biology > Botany > Publications > Journals.

! GEOREF Information Services (American Geological Institute, AGI, Alexandria, VA): Serials List. An alphabetical listing of un-abbreviated versions (!) of journal titles covered in GeoRef can be accessed in PDF format. Excellent!

! Jerry D. Harris, Paleontology Science Department, Dixie State College, St. George, UT: PALEONTOLOGY JOURNAL LINKS. Quick links to the home pages for almost 300 journals, in alphabetical order. See also:
Non-technical Publications (Newsletters),
New Publications, and
Out-of-Print Publications.

! JSTOR. JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization, founded to help academic libraries and publishers., The Internet Directory of Publications: is the only Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs.

The Public Library of Science (PLoS). All material published by the Public Library of Science (a non-profit organization), whether submitted to or created by PLoS, will be published under an open-access license that allows unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Go to: PLoS Biology, and PLoS News., The Internet Directory of Publications: Subject Browse SCIENCE, Paleontology. is a Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs.

! Scott Russell, Department of Botany and Microbiology, University of Oklahoma ( Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals. Excellent!

! The Russian Academy of Sciences and Pleiades Publishing, Inc.: International Academic Publishing Company, Nauka/Interperiodica. Journals and books. IAPC "Nauka" publishes 95 journals in English, and over 100 journals in Russian. Go to: Scientific Journals.

Jorg Schulz-Rojahn (NCPGG), On-line Earth Science Journals, available via Categorized by full articles available, with selected articles, abstracts, searchable indices, etc. Excellent! See also here.

! The WWW Virtual Library: Electronic Journals. Providing links to the world's electronic journals with free online full-text articles and other special featured journals and sites. Go to: Botany.

Adres Wydzialu, Faculty of Geology, Wydzial Geologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa, Poland: Links. Go to: Geological Journals.

YAHOO: Geology and Geophysics > Journals, and Geotechnical Engineering > Journals.

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