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Academic Booksellers

First of all ....

Jerry D. Harris, Paleontology Science Department, Dixie State College, St. George, UT: New Publications. Books about paleontology and subdisciplines.

Information Systems, Scientific Web Publishing, Oldenburg, Germany: Scientific publishers.

A.A.Balkema Publishers: Taylor & Francis, a leading international publisher, incorporates the distinguished publishing firm of Balkema.

Balogh Scientific Books. The geology catalog of Schweizerbart'sche and Gebrueder Borntraeger, Stuttgart.

Balogh Scientific Books

Koeltz Scientific Books

The Blackburn Press, Caldwell, New Jersey: Blackburn Press is dedicated to keeping in print and available for purchase scholarly book titles which large publishers have lost interest in and have declared "out-of-print". Go to: Paleontology, and Geology.

Blackwell Online. Go to: Science.

Cambridge University Press

Chapman & Hall. In 1998, Thomson Science & Professionals was acquired by Wolters Kluwer. All Chapman & Hall books and journals in science and technology are now managed by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Elsevier, Amsterdam: Earth Sciences. A comprehensive list of books, multi-volume reference works, and journals about Geoscience.

Elsevier Science. With catalogue, subject areas and publication home pages, tables of contents service, and What´s New? Go to: Elsevier Science Tables of Contents service, Earth and Planetary Sciences. Very useful! Links worth checking out: Elsevier Science Tables of Contents Service. An invaluable compendium of the contents of more than 1,000 journals.
See also: Elsevier: ContentsDirect. The free pre-publication contents alerting service from Elsevier Science. ContentsDirect delivers the tables of contents pages by e-mail directly to your PC. ContentsDirect is free.

The Geological Society of London: The Geological Society's Online Bookshop.

Gleumes & Co, Cologne, Germany: Gleumes Geowissenschaften. Mainly German language books. See also The Gleumes Search Engine for Books (in German).

International Academic Publishing Company (IAPC) "Nauka".

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. SpringerLink offers systematic linking on an OpenURL basis. Existing links to former Kluwer Academic, Brill, and Maik Nauka journals will be automatically rerouted to SpringerLink.

Koeltz Scientific Books

Macmillan Publishing, USA

Micropaleontology Press. Micropaleontology Press reproduce original descriptions of tens of thousands of microfossil species from all parts of the world.

Oxford University Press. See: Oxford Journals online.

The Royal Society Publications pages. The Royal Society is the UK academy of science. Founded in 1660, its mission is to recognize excellence in science; to encourage research and its application; to further the role of science, engineering and technology in society and to promote the public understanding of science.

! The Russian Academy of Sciences and Pleiades Publishing, Inc.: International Academic Publishing Company, Nauka/Interperiodica. Journals and books. IAPC "Nauka" publishes 95 journals in English, and over 100 journals in Russian.

Schweizerbart´sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, (including Borntraeger, Cramer, Science Publishers), Stuttgart, Germany.

Springer Verlag and Springer-Verlag. Go to: SpringerLink. Existing links to former Kluwer Academic, Brill, and Maik Nauka journals will be automatically rerouted to SpringerLink.

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