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Lightning Strikes
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Lightning Strikes

A. Bär et al. (2019): Fire effects on tree physiology. Free access, New Phytologist, 223: 1728–1741.

A Ehling, Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) Geozentrum Hannover:
Das Sammlungsobjekt des Quartals / des Monats (in German):
Fulgurite: „versteinerte Blitze“.

! B.L. Hess et al. (2021): Lightning strikes as a major facilitator of prebiotic phosphorus reduction on early Earth. Open access, Nature Communications, 12.

L. Luthardt et al. (2018): Severe growth disturbances in an early Permian calamitalean – traces of a lightning strike? In PDF, Palaeontographica Abteilung B, 298: 1-22.
See also here.
! "... The special injury of the calamitalean described herein [...] exhibits an elongated to triangular shape, a central furrow, a scar-associated event ring of collapsed to distorted tracheids, and was ultimately overgrown by callus parenchyma. We suggest that this scar most likely was caused by a lightning strike ..."

N. Ogasa (2020): Fossilized lightning bolts reveal when ancient storms struck.

M.A. Pasek and M. Hurst (2016): A Fossilized Energy Distribution of Lightning. Open access, Scientific Reports, 6.

! K.T. Smith et al. (2016): Macroanatomy and compartmentalization of recent fire scars in three North American conifers. In PDF, Can. J. For. Res., 46: 535–542. See also here.
"... The terminology presented here should facilitate communication among tree pathologists, wound anatomists, and dendrochronologists. ..."

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