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Sequence Stratigraphy

C.L. Angevine et al. (1990): Quantitative Sedimentary Basin Modeling. PDF files, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Shortcourse Note Series, 32, 247 pp.
Snapshot provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

J.P. Bhattacharya & H.W. Posamentier, Alberta Geological Survey, Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Chapter 25, Sequence Stratigraphy and Allostratigraphic Applications in the Alberta Foreland Basin.

O. Catuneanu (2006): Principles of sequence stratigraphy. Google books.

Jeff Crabaugh (University of Wyoming), The Science Education Resource Center (SERC), Carleton College: Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations: Using Images, Animations, and Models Effectively, Sequence Stratigraphy. Sequence stratigraphy takes a genetic approach to the examination and interpretation of sedimentary strata. This web page investigates the topic of sequence stratigraphy utilizing a combination of linked text, images (stills and animated), and short videos.
The link is to a version archived by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

S. Feist-Burkhardt et al. (2008): 13 Triassic (starting on page 749). In: Tom McCann (ed.): The Geology of Central Europe: Mesozoic and Cenozoic: Vol. 2. The Geological Society, London.

! Susanne Feist-Burkhardt and Annette E. Götz (2002): Kompaktkurse, Palynofazies und Sequenzstratigraphie (K1). PDF file, in German. SEDIMENT 2002, Frankfurt am Main - Darmstadt.
This expired link is now available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

Colin Harris, UK: Geology Shop. A link directory (introductory website slow loading), comprising over 70 individual web pages. Go to:
Stratigraphy (Historical geology, History of the Earth, Epochs, Eras, Time zone, Sequence stratigraphy).

Steven Holland, UGA Stratigraphy Lab: An Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy. See especially:

C. Huang et al. (2020): Cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology: Case studies from China. Open access, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 560.

International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS).

S.E. Peters and J.M. Husson (2018): We need a global comprehensive stratigraphic database: here's a start. In PDF, The Sedimentary Record.

! SEPM's Sequence Stratigraphy Web. Using a combination of linked text, images and short movies, this page is designed to help users gain an instant understanding of the principles of sequence stratigraphy. Go to: Sequence Stratigraphy Terminology.

University of South Carolina Sequence Stratigraphy Web (see also here):
Sequence Stratigraphy Terminology. Now provided by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine.

STRATA (provided by Society for Sedimentary Geology, SEPM).
SEPM’s stratigraphy open access web site is dedicated to helping people understand sedimentary geology, from the basics to the detailed. Superbly done! See especially:
Sediments & Rocks.
Depositional Analogues.

! U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA: Geolex. Geolex is a search tool for lithologic and geochronologic unit names.

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