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Teaching Documents about Statistics

! Open Learning Initiative (OLI), Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Open & Free Courses (no instructors, no credits, no charge), Statistics. This lectures introduces the basic concepts, logic, and issues involved in statistical reasoning. Topics include xploratory Data Analysis, Producing Data and Study Design, Probability and Statistical Inference.

! CLAMP Online (Climate Leaf Analysis Multivarite Program). This site is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, and the Open University UK.
How you can use foliar physiognomy (leaf architecture) to determine ancient climates from fossil leaves or explore the relationship that exists between leaf form and climate. CLAMP is a multivariate statistical technique that decodes the climatic signal inherent in the physiognomy of leaves of woody dicotyledonous plants. See especially:
! Teaching Materials.
Older CLAMP websites are available through the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine:
Robert A. Spicer, The Warm Earth Environmental Systems Research Group: Plant Fossils as Climatic Indicators. Go to: Climate Leaf Analysis Multivariate Programe (CLAMP). An introduction to the use of leaf architecture for determining past climatic conditions.

Lee Dyer, Biology Department, University of Nevada, Reno, NV:
Field Ecology. Lecture notes.

! Michael Friendly, Statistical Consulting Service and Psychology Department York University: Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics. The online version "Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics" contains the text, tables, and character-based graphs of the printed version, and many, but not all, of the high-resolution graphs.

James Jones, Richland Community College, Decatur, IL: Statistics. Lecture notes.

Robin H. Lock, Mathematics Department, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY: WWW RESOURCES FOR TEACHING STATISTICS.

! B.R. Moore et al. (2016): Critically evaluating the theory and performance of Bayesian analysis of macroevolutionarymixtures. In PDF, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 113: 9569–9574.
"... the inability to correctly compute the likelihood or to correctly specify the prior for rate-variable trees precludes the use of Bayesian approaches for testing hypotheses regarding the number and location of diversification-rate shifts using BAMM."

! Dmitry Panchenko, MIT OpenCourseWare: Introduction to Probability and Statistics. This course provides an elementary introduction to probability and statistics with applications. Topics include: basic probability models; combinatorics; random variables; discrete and continuous probability distributions; statistical estimation and testing; confidence intervals; and an introduction to linear regression. Navigate from here.

Juha Puranen, Department of Statistics, University of Helsinki: Useful links related to statistics education, e.g. online statistical teaching material, courses, handouts, exercises, articles and datasets. study tools:
! Search for Statistics.

StatSoft, Inc.: Electronic Statistics Textbook. The StatSoft textbook serves as a community service to those interested in enhancing their general knowledge of statistics or those needing a fast easy-to-use statistical resource. The virtual textbook includes hundreds of illustrations and offers quick, easy and free unlimited access to training in the understanding and application of statistics. The textbook covers a wide variety of applications such as laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering and quality control applications, and many others.

! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Statistics.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Bayesian statistics.
Bayessche Statistik (in German).

Wolfram Research, Inc.: Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics. MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students. Go to: Probability and Statistics.

! Karl Wuensch, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University: Statistical Resources Links Page.

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