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Three-Dimensionally Preserved Plant Compression Fossils

L. Grauvogel-Stamm and S. Ash (1999): "Lycostrobus" chinleana, an equisetalean cone from the Upper Triassic of the southwestern United States and its phylogenetic implications. PDF file, American Journal of Botany, 86: 1391-1405.

! T.P. Jones and Nick P. Rowe (eds.), Google Books: Fossil plants and spores: modern techniques. Published by Geological Society, 1999, 396 pages. Excellent! Go to page 36: Plant and spore compression in sediments (by B.W. Chaloner).

K.-P. Kelber (1992): Der dreidimensionale Bau der Blattspitzen bei Equisetites arenaceus (Equisetopsida, Equisetales) aus dem Unteren Keuper (Trias, Ladin). PDF file, in German. In: Kovar-Eder, J. (ed.): Palaeovegetational development in Europe.- Proc. Pan-European Palaeobot. Conf. Vienna (PEPC 1991), pp. 289-299.

Glen J. Kuban: Making Silicone Rubber Molds.

S. McLoughlin (2011): Glossopteris - insights into the architecture and relationships of an iconic Permian Gondwanan plant. In PDF, J. Botan. Soc. Bengal 65: 1-14.

R. Prevec (2011): A structural re-interpretation and revision of the type material of the glossopterid ovuliferous fructification Scutum from South Africa. In PDF, Palaeont. afr., 46: 1–19.
See also here and there (abstract).
Please take notice of the sketch in fig 3 on PDF page 6, showing depressed seed scars of the apical portion of a Scutum leslii fructification.

G.M. Rex (1986): Further experimental investigations on the formation of plant compression fossils. Abstract. See also here

! G.M. Rex, W.G. Chaloner (1983): The experimental formation of plant compression fossils. PDF file, Palaeontology, 26: 231-252.

Mike Viney, The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum: Fossils. In PDF.

M. Zuber et al. (2017): Augmented laminography, a correlative 3D imaging method for revealing the inner structure of compressed fossils. Sci. Rep., 7: 41413.

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