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Triassic Literature

First of all ...

! Albertiana.
The primary mission of Albertiana is to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding among members of the Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy and the Triassic community at large. Articles and announcements are posted here in a blog-style format and archived (by volume) as fully-formatted pdf issues at year end.
In its new hybrid digital form, Albertiana publishes peer-reviewed original research articles, literature reviews, meeting announcements and commentary relevant to the Triassic community and in particular the development of Triassic stratigraphy and its time scale.
Still available: Albertiana on SUNY Cortland´s webserver (website edited by Wolfram Kuerschner, Oslo). E-Albertiana is formated in Adobe Portable document format (PDF), issues are available for download. See also:
! Albertiana (PDF files). Snapshot taken by the Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine. Scans of the rare early volumes of Albertiana. Excellent!

Chinleana. Discussion of Late Triassic paleontology and other assorted topics.
Triassic Literature Recap 2010.
Triassic Literature Recap 2008.

Deutsche Stratigraphische Kommission (DSK), the German Stratigraphic Commission. See also: Subkommission für Perm-Trias-Stratigraphie (in German). This is a non-commercial project devoted to geology and paleontology, founded by Mikhail Rogov.
See especially: Triassic publications.

Museum Terra Triassica Euerdorf (in German):
! Triassic Literature Online. Superbly done!

Subkommission für Perm-Trias-Stratigraphie (SKPT) der Deutschen Stratigraphischen Kommission (in German). Go to: Publikationen 2001 - 2006.

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